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wallet makers

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does anyone know the names of any of the companys that make the crocodile skin wallets for companys like ralph lauren,turnbull & asser,and brioni.their cant be that many companys making good quality crocodile skin wallets
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These multiple threads could either be consolidated into one, or just asked in the "Ask a Question" section. There's probably not enough discussion involved here to warrant a whole new thread every time; you've started 25+ and they get virtually no responses. The thread below would be the best bet to ask these sorts of things. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=79716 There are also "who makes what for whom" threads where these questions could be asked; use the search function or just look right at the pinned threads for places to put these.
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I don't know who makes what for whom, but if you're after exotic skin wallets, try Ganzo.
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