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Stick shift drivers.

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Apparently, the number of drivers with manual transmission cars or the knowledge to drive one is decreasing, at least in the United States, of course.

I thought it would be interesting to see how this goes in the microcosm of the world that is the forum.
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Technically I know HOW to drive one, I just suck really bad at it. To the point of it being not functional.
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no one will teach me >_<
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Yep I drive a 5 speed and I wouldnt have it any other way. I would even special order a Lexus in a 5/6 speed (or convert it to that) just to have the Luxury plus the fun/control of driving stick. That and well Autos suck on the race track. Nothing like a clutch kick to put your ass into a nice slide around the corner
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OK i live in a car free world now, but back in the real world, I always drove manual cars and never had any inclination to switch to the lazier option
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I drive a 5-speed. Never will go back.
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In 22 years of driving, I've never owned an automatic transmission car.
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in the uk, none of my friends drive auto's, and most have never tried it. a couplr of aqaintances/family members have auto's, but i think these are all 4x4s (2 range rovers and a toyota suv thing). i do some part time delivery driving and valeting for avis rentacar, i'd say 90% of rentals are manual, and if we are thinking of delivering an auto to a customer that hasn't specifically asked for one then we have to phone in advance to make sure they candrive one.

i'd happily own an auto, but given the choice would prefer manual.
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I love driving stick, and have had two 5-speeds and a 4-speed, worked as a valet in college, and was sickened by how many Corvette's rolled up with automatic transmissions. I don't have a car now, city life has put me on trains and a bike, but when I can I am buying another stick shift.

Side note: While I was valeting I had to pull an X-5 out of the parking lot, I had never seen a stick shift BMW SUV and when I got out and passed the car off to the driver I excitedly mentioned it to the doorman, who called the guy (after he had driven away) a "cheap bastard" for "not springing for an automatic." I guess some people have warped values.
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Originally Posted by Vintage Gent
In 22 years of driving, I've never owned an automatic transmission car.

In 8 years of driving, I've never owned an automatic. I Would never consider it.

I learned on my Mom's 5-speed 91 Miata; then I bought my Dad's 5-speed 86 Nissan pickup for a beater in college; then I bought a 5-speed 03 Subaru WRX as a graduation present to myself, and now I've got a 6-speed 05 Subaru STi and a 6-speed 07 Audi S4 Avant (that's the girlfriend's car, but I drive it more than she does).

I have driven the latest "clutchless manual" offerings from VW/Audi and BMW (an 06 A3 and 06 M5, respectively), and I have to say they both are nothing like driving a real manual. Yes, you can feel the clutches spinning and the gears popping in and and out, and yes it allows for an incredibly fast shift; however, I like to be connected to the road through ever means possible: clutch pedal, gear lever, throttle, steering wheel, etc.
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Learned on stick - driving a car w/ an automatic transmission always felt like an amusment park ride (push one pedal to go, the other to stop), not like you were driving a real vehicle. , Last car was a nice Camry 5 speed, but now have an automatic for city driving, kids, etc.
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You haven't lived till you've learned to drive a crash-box pre-1920 car smoothly.
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I prefer the manual, till I get stuck in stop and go traffic.
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bah. I learnt driving manual, now I have a semi-automatic (I can control from the wheel + / - buttons, or go automatic) and I am never going back to this stupid phallic driving stick.

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The only reason I keep a car in the city is for trips to the track and track cars must be manual. Few driving maneuvers are as satisfying as executing a perfect heel-toe downshift while threshold braking so you can get on the gas immediately after turn-in and cut two car-lengths off the lead of the guy in front of you.
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