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Dallas meeting with G&G

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For those interested in the Astaire by G&G. I placed some details on the other G&G thread I started.
I posted this thread mainly to echo the comments made by LARon. As stated before, they are very nice guys and the shoes were superb. Apparently their San Francisco showing was quite successful.

I made a quick turn through Stanley Korshak (Kitons for $2400) before my appt. I also had a chance to lunch with fellow forum member jcusey. He had helpful information, so when I went in to meet Tony and Dean. I had my li.st narrowed.

Just in case anyone wanted to know how it went in Big D.
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It sounds like you had a good time. Unfortunately, this will probably be the start of a very expensive habit.

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i have had the same thort and i am thinking about what bespoke i can the next time i get to go back to england! - i have 2 in mind

also i think you have made a great choice i hope you enjoy wearing the shoes i can not wait to get mine i have order the grant and the mitchell
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Congrats on your choice, prof! (I saw similar Kitons at NM/SF; talk about eye popping prices.)
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I had my second meeting with Tony at 2 p.m. in Dallas. He measure my feet in March. The following is a photograph from the second fitting:

The final finish will be a antique dark oak and should be ready in four to six weeks.

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