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La-z-boy chair - anyone?

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Somehow we never talk about furniture...or did I miss it? Anyway, I am looking for a couple of chairs. My other furniture is quite eclectic, but main theme is minimalistic urban - more glass and metal then wood. I remember an article from British GQ about La-Z-Boy, and as you may or may not expect, on the other side of the pond they consider it the coolest thing ( as often happens with stuff coming from overseas). They recommend just aim it toward the TV and not bother matching it with other furniture ( that concept I embrace.) I realize that in North America La-Z-Boy considered by many a symbol of bad taste. But its so comfy, it has heat and massage and a cooler...and the price is better than in England ... I can order the best leather... Or should I just forget about it?
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Why not get something just as comfy but with much more flair, like an Eames chair by Herman Miller. In rosewood with tan leather, I don't think it can be beat. Look at your local Herman Miller boutique. Another option would be something more modern from someone like Ligne Roset. Being in Europe, where rosewood is illegal and the top American design houses (Herman Miller and Knoll) are insanely expensive, I've bought more of my furniture from Ligne Roset. Peace, JG
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My wife and I have done our place in the style that you describe (minimalist / urban / somewhat funky, with a bent toward mid-century American pieces) and, as comfortable as it may be, a La-Z-Boy would seem woefully out of place there, even as a classic American piece in its own right (it would disrupt the aesthetics - or the feng shui, if you're so inclined, which I'm not).  I second the Eames chair recommendation, although I think the classic Eames chair is slightly more at home in a study/home office setting (rather than, say, a living room).  My favorite piece at the moment is a Le Corbusier lounge- stylish, timeless, and comfortable.  Not as versatile as the La-Z-Boy (you're kinda stuck in the same position) but more stylish and, like a museum piece, one you'll keep forever (at about the same price as the La-Z-Boy). That's just one idea - check out websites and catalogs (i.e. Modern Classics, Design Within Reach, etc.) for more ideas, and pieces that might fit what you're looking for and would fit best within your room.  Good luck.
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I would get the La-Z-Boy. It's nice to have at least one thing out of kilter in your house - keeps it from looking to designer-y, especially if you're going for the minimalist/modernist look that Tom Ford made so maddeningly popular through his adoption of it in every Gucci store in the world. I am not a big fan of Frasier, but I have to say that his father's chair makes his place look a lot more homey. Besides, I am a sucker for something a little kitschy. I mean, why shouldn't you have a piece of classic Americana and great place to sit and eat wings and watch the Lakers (...Three-peat.) with a few brews within easy reach at the same time.
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Definitely a second on that 3-Peat, LAG...
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