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Opinions on these jackets

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What do you guys reckon to these jackets ?
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The PS jacket looks cool, kinda hard to see on my monitor tho since it's all black. It's pricey and I've found the Jeans line runs bigger and boxier than his other lines.

The Diesel is also cool, and the price is obviously better. I really like Diesel's fit as I own one (the Jubweto) and have tried on 2 or 3 others and they all run slim and "correct" sizing (meaning I should be a med and Diesel Med fits me very well).

Between those 2, I'd go with the Diesel, even tho I'm a Paul Smith loyalist
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The PS is more wearable, so to speak. I'm not crazy about the black (doesn't add a lot of visual interest), but it does clean up the milspec look. The buttons on the Diesel ruin it for me, though I like it otherwise.
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Out of the two. I would go for the DIESEL one. Although I don't really like the buttons on the DIESEL one.
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I'm really digging the PS jacket. It's indeed a bit hard to see the details on a computer monitor, so perhaps you could find a better picture somewhere?

The Diesel Jacket is okay, but I'm a bit biased about Diesel clothing in general. Their clothing always seems a bit cliché to me.
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I'd go with the Paul Smith. Black is better to match.
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wow, that Diesel one is cool!

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I have the best jacket.
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Hmm... I think I would grow tired of the Diesel jacket pretty fast. I would also have to see those buttons up close. You can't see the Paul Smith jacket worth a darn, but it's more versatile. It also looks warmer(I don't know if you are taking that into consideration). I would go with PS...
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Personally, I like the Paul Smith one much better. That is a great looking jacket and will look good for a long time. I think you may get tired of the Diesel one a bit quicker.
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