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BoO Purple Overdye Oxford (L)

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So, I realized there are things in my closet that I don't wear because either: a) they don't fit me right or b) they don't fit my aesthetic. These are clothes that I bought that either are too loose on me now, or frankly they just don't go well with what I'm trying to do. Here are the ground rules: 1. I do all my shipping on Saturday. 2. PP personal OR add the 4% fee. 3. If you want other pics, measurements, anything, pm me. 4. All prices include shipping (within CONUS). 5. If you want the shirts steamed/ironed and/or washed before shipping, just say so. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
*For the week of March 14 through March 19, I will be able to ship pretty much asap. HOWEVER, Sunday (the 20th) I am leaving for Miami for spring break and will be out of contact, and thereby unable to ship anything, until the 28th. Just a heads up.* All right, now to the show: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
First is a 2010-2011 Temple of Jawnz Raglan Winter Varsity. I bought this in October and received it on November 19th. I probably wore it less than 10 times, and it's in immaculate condition. It was a stock size 48 with 1" added to the sleeves only. Purchased for $325 from ToJ. Measurements: Shoulders (hard to do due to raglan sleeves): 18.5" Pit to Pit: 21.2" Front Length: 23" Back Length: 25" Sleeve: 27.5" Price: $300 -> 285 -> 270
Secondly is two Wolf vs Goat Before Dinner Shirts. These shirts are made from fantastic material and have a great block to them. They are slim fitting, so be advised. I'm selling them because I bought them in the summer thinking I was a large when in fact the mediums fit me much, much better. These are both size Large. (measurements are the same for both shirts). I wore each shirt twice before deciding they aren't the right size for me. Purchased for $175 each from WvG. Both of these shirts are currently discontinued (by wash for the vintage sunwashed grape and by cut for the gingham) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Vintage Sunwashed Grape: [SOLD [/spoiler] Black/White Gingham: closeup of material (from my iPhone) Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5" Pit to Pit: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 30" Price: $75 [black and white gingham is still available] Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Here are a pair of Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Weight winter flannel shirts. IHSH-20 if you need reference. These shirts are thick. And by thick I don't mean a sweater or some bullshit. If you were wearing this shirt out in freezing weather, it's possible you still might be sweating under this shirt. Unfortunately for me, I can't really pull off the workwear look, and my loss is your gain. This was my favorite IH shirt design ever, and I believe it's currently discontinued. Both are size L and I paid $340 each for these bad boys from Self Edge. I wore each 1-2 times. [spoiler] Red:
Blue: Measurements: Shoulders: 18" Pit to Pit: 21.5" Length: 25.2" Sleeve: 25.5" Price: $300 -> 285 -> 270 -> 255 each (Red is sold) Lastly (for now) is a pair of Common Projects Shell Toe (thanks aqhong). These are the only ones I have ever seen in this specific colorway: Grey suede upper with a grey leather captoe and tongue. The shoes are a little scuffed on the sides, but the upper is still in immaculate condition. The soles have years of life ahead of them. They are size 44 and I purchased them from Kvc06 last may for $165. I wore them exactly twice since then. They come with original box and shoe bag. Price: $125 SOLD
Added 3/16: Band of Outsiders Purple Overdye Oxford Shirt Size Large I purchased this from Farinelli's in the fall of 09. Typical Band of Outsiders cut, you know the shit. One thing: one of the buttons fell off, and I took it to the alterations lady to put it on and reinforce the stitching on all the buttons. I gave her the MoP button and she still put a plastic one on there BUT there's an extra MoP button on the care tag if you want to swap it out. Worn 5-10 times total. AND I forgot to put a price on it the first time. I paid $218 from Farinelli's a year and a half ago. So let's put this as $165 -> $150 -> $135 -> 120 shipped. Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5" Pit to Pit: 20.5" Front length (down placket from collar): 25" Sleeve (from shoulder seam): 25" Stock pic That's all for now. Make sure you read the stuff up top, and pm me if you have any questions. Thanks. -k
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Just fyi, those are Shell Toes (as it says on the box), not Achilles. Nice shoes, shame they were only made for a season or two. Would buy without hesitation if they were my size.
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i used to have those shell toes in the exact same color.. fucking awesome shoes.. then i came home after 1.5 years of being away and my mom threw them away fuck i wish they were my size.
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how do they fit compared to achillies?
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bump for great shoes! I have the same pair in a 42.
Been thinking if I should keep them or not as of late though
Great jacket, wish I had $300 to blow..
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price drop on IH & ToJ edit: fixed price drop
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price drops again.
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Bump for great Iron Heart shirts!..
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Price drop again. Great prices on an awesome gingham and some excellent flannels. I paid more than double that price for that WvG shirt, and almost a hundred dollars more for the flannels. If you want to beef up your winter wardrobe for next year, get these discontinued Iron Heart shirts. They were my favorite design, and imo, none of the designs before or after this were quite as good looking.
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Added BoO shirt.
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Price drop on IH to $240 shipped. edit: and sold.
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Price drop on BoO shirt.
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Sold WvG gingham, price drop on BoO.
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price drop
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Measurements please? Thanks.
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