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Why cannot you get these stuff in smaller sizes?
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Lovely stuff, if I wasn't a fat ass some of it might even fit me
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Another round of drops!
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Really, can't sella Borrelli ? Year ago it would have gone in two minutes. Beautiful Summer Cash, what a deal, probably was 4k+ new.
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I was thinking the same thing. If it were one size smaller, it would be mine.
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shit, if that borrelli was size 40, I would pay more than what you ask for....
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Drop on the Borrelli coat of doom
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Added Attolini made tux and some drops!
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Originally Posted by discostu004 View Post
Price drops on all these. All monogrammed shirts left are $30, all "no size tags" are $45

Dshrt-3924 Orange/light blue herringbone stripe dress shirt 15


Originally Posted by whusurdadi View Post
NWT, Borrelli, last year's, so original goodness, no size tag, but ~15" neck, still pinned, peach-ish/light blue, $125 -> $105 -> $99.

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