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notwithit - thanks for the feedback and i'm loving your progress! since you have an athletic build (no homo), i was wondering how the crouch area on your jeans is wearing? i have about 30 wears on mine and the crouch area is fading a lot faster with respect to everywhere else. i'm worried about a crouch blow :(. also, i read in your earlier post that you soaked your jeans twice?  did you not get enough shrinkage with the first soak? i got my jeans hemmed by SE to a 34 because i was told that it would shrink 2 inches in the inseam but they seem to have no shrunk at all after the first soak.


randomkoreandude - i love the fit of your jeans.

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Thanks! satisfied.gif

Crotch seems to be doing ok. I wear my jeans pretty low on my hips (I definitely could've sized down to a 29), and my main concern is stress when I take steps two at a time more so than actual friction wearing away at the fabric. The denim is heavy enough that I'm not overly concerned, though.

I prefer to do a double hot soak right off the bat with unsanforized jeans to get out as much shrinkage as possible; no nasty surprises that way the first time you wash them..
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Lookin Good RKD!
anyone else going to post pics?
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^ Gonna wash again tomorrow. I'll try to get some decent pics up over the weekend.
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im going to LA this weekend and will try and do a second ocean dip at zuma beach if its not too chilly

will post pics early next week icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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2 Cold washes so far!

seems like we 3(RKD,NOTWit,Nomy) are the only one's keeping this thing going IDK!
Hey RKD if you ever travel to DFW Texas lmk, I'd be happy to show you or anyone for that matter around!

ps IDK why the pic is sideways I rotated it be fore I saved it?
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I have a pair, but definitely been too busy to even try and participate. Looks good though guys. Can't wait to start breaking mine in.
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For sure ill let u know! We all need to rendezvous
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holy shrinkage, batman! just did the second soak at 35 wears. still not too much shrinkage on the inseam but the leg openings shrunk A LOT more than the first soak.





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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

For sure ill let u know! We all need to rendezvous

That would be awsome If we could all get in on one shot!!!
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Dudes, doubt I'm in on this still, but I was in in the beginning and then fell off the map. I've been in Los Angeles and just felt no need to wear them with all my other jeans. However, they are about to make a major Chicago winter comeback. I'll start posting regardless if I'm in the contest or not. I'd say they have a month wear in them, 30 days or so, a bit of fading here and there, but not much. Most likely moving here in January, dead of winter. Will probably get some interesting winter wear.
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just throw in pics whenever its not like it costs you anything haha. just see what you can do. it looks like theres only 3 of us so far. but nomy seems to have the craziest amounts of fades so far at least on the leg thigh area
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I'm about to get cracking on them. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Well, I wanted to post pictures today, since it's my first wear after the third wash and all, but it's sleeting outside and not exactly WAYWT-friendly weather. plain.gif
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