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Garbstore F/W 2-11: Non-Productive

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Words and Photos by Jian DeLeon

Ian Paley's run the gamut in a variety of British brands. From the streetwear vernacular of OneTrueSaxon to the decidedly higher-end Paul Smith, his four-year-old brand Garbstore has always been a mixture of the past, present, and future. Wanting to create history-referencing pieces and combining them with a modern edge, he takes this one step further by combining classic tweeds with modern synthetics like Primaloft.

rack of shirts

Garbstore's F/W 2011 collection is titled "Non-Productive," and is based on the idea of workers milling about. The idea of creative loafing doesn't really translate into the clothes, as they still look more utilitarian than comfortable, but the styling definitely leaned towards the casual spectrum of things.

Mixing English and non-English manufacturing, the collection definitely sticks to Paley's idea of creating "unfamiliar vintage" clothing. In a recent interview on High Snobiety, he says "There's not much credence given to trend in terms of what we do. We just produce a bunch of garments that we love."

Given the nice selection of outerwear, quality buttondowns, and interesting knits (see the birds sweater below), it's ironic how productive the designer seems to have been this season.

fall is always a good time for varied tweeds and herringbones.

this teal blazer caught my eye.

shawl collar and selvage chambray.

two birds, one knit.
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Like the tweeds & herringbones
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very nice!
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All looks pretty good! Even the 'two birds, one knit'.
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