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Great add, SGladwell. I'd agree with just about everything you wrote. It's always impossible to give advice on the "perfect beach." The best beach I've been to in Costa Rica was past Manuel Antonio. I'd have to ask my family the name of town but it's essentially the middle of nowhere. The beach goes out a few hundred feet until high tide when it disappears entirely. Another beach I went to was owned by a local farmer who let us go through and spend a few hours on it. Relatively small with a sea tunnel on one side that you could actually walk through at low tide. Now while I like this idea of a beach, there are times I wouldn't mind something with snorkeling, too, or close to a restaurant to keep the beers coming. It's really all subjective. I'm trying to remember the name of the bar I end up at when in MA. It resembles a tall hut with the bar being upstairs. There's usually many flyers declaring "ladies night" to be on Fridays and has a fair amount of American music blasting. I'm all for "authenticity" when visiting a foreign country but reggaton is the "it" music here and it drives me nuts after a few minutes. Still, this place had great drinks with reasonably cheap specials earlier in the evening.
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Yeah zjp, maybe when are both loaded I can check out Jumby Bay, I remember seeing your review of it I believe when you stayed there and I followed a link to their website. It looked amazing, but probably cost per night what our whole budget is for the trip. There were a few other secluded ones that I saw too, one in Fiji and another in Antigua where there were only like 15-30 units on the whole island but were well into the multi thousands/night. They were so secluded you put flags on your house to let the servants know to come for meals and whatnot. Never thought of Anguilla, I'll have to do some research on that one.

As far as the beach goes I don't need to find the perfect beach really, just something with a good mix of nice sand, clear blue water, good snorkling nearby, and the ability to catch a few beers nearby is always a plus. Those beaches where it goes out incredibly far during low tide are nice, they have a few of those here in the northeast but nothing of the same caliber.
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What I don't like is public beaches. So, I would make sure whether the island has public or private beaches. Like, I would want my hotel to at least own the beach. That is not true in Barbados. I went there, and the beaches are all public. So there are people panhandling on the beach, trying to sell necklaces and stuff. I wouldn't go there again.

I've also been to Guana Island, by the way. ( I didn't like that as much. I don't like the Virgin Island - they are so mountainous. I like a flatter island.

I haven't been to the Caribbean in like 7 years, now you are making me miss it!
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Oh wow, I went to the Guana website and you can rent the whole island! I am not a huge fan of public beaches either. Even here in CT we try to avoid the public beaches and go to either private ones or very secluded public ones to lessen the amount of foottraffic. When we went to PR last year we only went to private beaches and it was great. I tend to like a mix of terrain, flatter areas along the cost but I also hike and take photos quite frequently so high scenic views I really enjoy. I would go crazy living somewhere really flat like Texas. I think it's time you took a trip again, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes
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Originally Posted by zjpj83
Perhaps you can check out Anguilla too? I've been there, and it's a nice, relaxing place to be.
I think Anguilla has the best beaches in the world. Can you say powdered sugar? There's a new St. Regis openning (open?) just up the road from Cap Juluca which is super. If you're into cooking check out Cuisinart's resort where you can take cooking lessons. Eat at Blanchard's. I think Anguilla may have more 5 star restraunts per capita than anywhere in the world. You're gonna have to go to St. Maarten to shop, though. The water is gorgeous and Cap Juluca's beach is essentially private as they have their own "cove." Although, technically, I believe all beaches in Anguilla are public. Villas have no keys and full time attendants at each villa. You can probably fly into St. Maarten and catch a puddle jumper or the ferry. High standard of living by Caribbean standards. So, locals are well educated and there is little crime. Cap Juluca, Anguilla (St. Maarten in the distance), November, 2005
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I think I'm moving to Anguilla...
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Just an update since I saw this posted. Looks like the vacation is going to be a no go. My girlfriend is a teacher so we are forever cursed to the dreaded Feb and April vacations and around 90% of the airfare is currently booked (our travel agent said you have to plan a full year in advance) and the few seats open are going for around $1100 minimum each. That is just rediculous. Our travel agent tried every single island in the Caribbean as well as Mexico and there is nothing open. So looks like early planning for next year. Our travel agent really seemed to recommend St. Lucia as well.
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That's too bad it's not going to work out for you! At least you'll have lots of information for planning your next trip.
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anyone been to antigua? going there in a couple of weeks. what should i be expecting?
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