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How do you dress at home?

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I've always been curious: how does the SFer dress while in the comfort of his home?
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Comfy stuff - sweats, etc. I work hard all week long and need to look nice - but when I am home it's my time to chill and relax and so I do.
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I replace my jacket with a flannel wool robe and my shoes with cashmere slippers. If it's chilly enough I'll replace my dress socks with cashmere cable knits socks.

Suffice to say I keep the place at a pretty low temp.
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I'm a nudist.
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Naked except for the soft cashmere touch of my 3 Phillipino maids
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usually just comfy stuff...sweatpants, t-shirt, and either a hoodie or a cashmere cardigan that i accidentally bought in a size too big.
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Usually khakis, button down shirt, casual shoes, perhaps a sweater in the cooler months.
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When I get up I wear Morning Dress unless my morning coat is at the cleaners,in which case I wear a Stroller.I wear this until very late afternoon when I change into a dinner jacket,and around 8 pm or so I switch to a smoking jacket.If I'm having guests for dinner I change into White Tie instead of the dinner jacket.
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Relaxed as possible. Currently I am waering Jeans and a Tee RL sneakers and a Zipfront sweater
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Tee shirt, Nautica zippered pull-over, sweats, white Jockey socks and, Sperrys.
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This is disappointing from this crowd.
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As much cashmere as possible in one outfit.
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I dress like Hugh Hefner.
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Roots sweatpants and tees I don't care about, as long as I don't have guests over.

In winter I lounge about in my 16-ply cashmere BBBF belted cardigan because it's comfy and it's too long for me to wear it out in public (except underneath topcoats when it's cold out to improve insulation)
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