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Mezlan shoes

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Any of you guys know anything about Mezlan shoes? I want to purchase a couple of pairs of shoes and these seem to look pretty nice but I know nothing of the quality or sizing. Is it possible to stain a light brown pair of shoes to be a darker color? Thanks for the help.
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The quality is decent, but I think the value is good overall.   You can't compare it to top-level shoes, obviously.  But I don't think the leather is too far a step down from something like Brunomagli.  And the construction seemed good to me.  They are certainly better than, say, anything that Banana Republic makes (this is a shoe that I think most people have probably seen/felt).   The sizing, I've found, runs about 1/4 size large.  I'm an 11 in virtually every dress shoe on earth, and I tried on an 11 in Mezlan and it was just a "hair" too big.  The width is good for an average width foot.   If you are looking to spend $50 on a dress shoe and this is exactly what you are looking for, I'd say it would be quite a bargain. I think that the old adage of this board applies -- if you don't like them, no bargain is a good bargain. If you get them cheap enough, you'll be able to resell them on Ebay if you don't like them. So, go for it if this is what you want. Otherwise, you can always spend about $100 - $150 at sales/Ebay and get a shoe that is a level up.
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By the way, I like the styling of the first shoe much more than the others. I'm not sure if you could effectively darken the color, but I know that I've seen posts on that topic before on this board. Depending on what you are wearing these shoes for, I might avoid the latter two shoes. The toes seem a little square to me, and I'd be afraid of the "guido" look if you are wearing these as a business shoe. If you are wearing this as a "club/going out shoe," then the squarer toe is more appropriate.
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I have tried on many pairs of Mezlan's because I really like the way they look. I have a width E foot, and the Mezlan's are way to narrow for me. Even their "wide" models are too narrow in the toes. They also make their shoes too long, which is how Italian shoes are currently made, so it's more a style choice than a mistake. I have a pair of Pradas that are "too long" too. Even so, I love the style but hate the last that the shoe is made on. They simply do not fit my foot. Try em on before buying any. -Tom
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For 40-50$ a good buy. The leather is corrected grain and coated to the degree that changing the color would be next to impossible.
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What makes you so sure the leather is corrected grain?
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I worked with the line for 10 years. Please, don't misunderstand, I only highlight the corrected grain to answer the question about changing the color - it's almost impossible due to the built-up layers of finish and sprayed on topcoat that these shoes are produced with. There are different grades of corrected grain, or polished cobbler, calfskin just like there are different quality levels of analine finished calfskin. The best hides are young calf, or veal, and are the highest quality - but most hides available are older animals and are a byproduct of the meat industry. As the worlds consumption of veal (and red meat in general) has declined, so has the availability of top quality hides. Most of the supply available will have some defects in them, mainly fat wrinkles. This is covered up by rolling numerous layers of pigment via glass rollers over the hide. This is still good leather from a durability perspective, just not from a purists view of 'finish'. The next level down, and most of the supply for 'good' shoes (sell in the 125-195 price range) are actually splits - leather from the thickest part of the hide that is sliced into as many layers as possible and finished in the same way. These leathers are then produced into shoes with a thick cotton facing between the lining and the upper to give the feel of a plump calfskin. They are also usually sprayed with a polyurethane like substance to give the finish some sense of depth. They look real good on the shelf but don't last very long. This is what Mezlan typically sells. Same thing with the soles. Many layers are glued together to form the sole leather. It's all leather, just not one nice piece - mainly cement. That's why, if you wear a hole in the soles, you can see 'rings' (like in wood) around the wear spot. So, all in all, decent shoes if bought for a good price. Look, they sell TONS of shoes so many people like them just fine and don't mind these 'minor' details one bit.
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Rider - I think that covers the 'are you sure' question :-) Thanks for the info. Prior to joining the forum I was under the impression that I had nice shoes before learning here that my Ferragamos, Mezlans and Guccis leave my poor deprived feet at a barely better than 'street bum' level... I wonder if Hallmark makes a "Sorry your fottwear sucks" card? I like the Mezlan's for comfort. I have a fairly wide Fred Flintstonesque set of foots and these are good on the 'on my feet all day' days compared to most others I've worn. They also seem to wear quite well. Thanks for the Edshoecation gents.
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i have some mezlans and i can say that they are comfortable and hold up well. if you can get them at discount they're probably the best shoes for the money. having said that, i don't think anyone buys mezlans for the quality factor. buy them for looks because if you happen to see a style you like from them, it'll likely be impossible to find that same style in a high quality brand. edward green and vass don't make shoes like these. everyone here knows that just because something is expensive, that doesn't mean it's high quality. but let's also remember that just because something is of high quality that doesn't mean it's good looking. i know there's at least one guy here who hates oxxford and i for one think most of the high end shoes are ugly--though some are ugly in a good way.
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So did you buy a pair?  Check out my new signature.  It's a deterent for buying new shoes until the next Barney's warehouse sale.
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Hey Norcal, I did not buy a pair. I really liked the look and color of the first pair but I've never tried on a pair so I thought that it might be wise to have some first hand knowledge of the sizing before ordering a pair. I'll probably order a pair soon. The price and style seem right. As an aside, my father is India and he has had some suits made for under $50. Custom dress shirts go for under $10. My dad is not the most stylish man in the world but any shirt that fits properly and is made of decent material for under 10 bucks sounds like a decent deal.
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I've gone 0 months without buying a pair of shoes. (My new self-help signature.)
Now that's just too funny.
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