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Originally Posted by shahanshah View Post
according to CE standards you are poverty-stricken. Perhaps the Business subforum would be a better place for this question, although I'm going to keep checking to see if there's any sound advice.

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There are still some pretty good dividend stocks in emerging markets (CEE in particular) that can yield you up to 10%, in which I'm currently putting my savings (entry level job in inv.banking).
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If you do quick back of the envelope math here, to have any real amount of money you would probably need $120K at a conservative 5%, which nets you about a $500 a month before taxes. Invest for growth and stretch your monthly income, once you accumulated enough then meet your goals for income. Bah Humbug
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Originally Posted by boo View Post
There isn't any safe income these days, at least not meaningful income. A Vanguard Barclays Aggregate Index fund, which consists of investment grade credit, governments, and agency MBS is only yielding 3% (net) these days. I like bank loan funds, which currently yield 5%-6% and will rise along with interest rates. The thing is, if there's another credit-market dislocation, be prepared for roller coaster ride. There's always mortgage REITs, which are yielding 15%-20%, but of course there's a damn good reason the yields are high. When the Fed starts raising rates, it could get ugly.
Love me some REITs yielding at almost 20%... Dunno what the end is going to look like (or when it is going to come) but it probably won't be pretty. Should sell my AGNC shares at some point...but I don't want to
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Guys, I'm telling you, vig. With payday loans getting put out of business, big market opening.
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