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Its funny, I'm as much of Daiki fan as the next guy. Probably own close to two dozen articles from him, both in WWM and EG and was just as uninspired about the WWM lookbook as you all were. But looking at the articles at Odin and now Unionmade, I have to say they look pretty good; a little refreshing and not all that disappointing.
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As with most MM stuff (unless one is adamantly not a fan), I think opinions will start to change after people get a decent look at the stuff. I think the styling in the lookbook is a bit off.
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Context has their stuff up. Simple pieces that look very wearable and basic.
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I hate the styling but several of the pieces by themselves seem alright. Definitely going to miss Daiki's aesthetic. MM should do fine tapping into the ivy-side of WWM's history, probably for better and worse.
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Originally Posted by hansj View Post

Context has their stuff up. Simple pieces that look very wearable and basic.

Yeah, the wool herringbone Cincinnati jacket looks nice (reminds me of the Baker jacket in wool herringbone EG did a few years back, only with pocket flaps).

Otherwise, not really feeling anything else that Context picked up from WWM.
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Stuff looks really good in person too. The Boone parka is awesome...I really want that for fall, great fit which has been hard to find in a waxed cotton jacket (tried finding a good Barbour but couldn't get a decent fit).
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The Boone parka does look good but I've only seen it in black. I was wishing it came in a brown or green.
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I saw this other color (navy?):
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just saw mm's ss12 collection for wwm... wwm should seriously consider reinstating ds... mm's killing wwm...

nice fabric is only part of the equation to a piece of clothing... if the design/cut/silhouette/vibe don't add up to giving that piece of clothing 'soul'... even the best fabrics won't save it...

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I don't know, while I hate the styling in those pictures I like some of the pieces shown and could see them fitting into my wardrobe, at least in a couple of cases. I don't like it nearly as much as Daiki, and the way they are styling it looks horrid to me (though very MM), I think there are some pieces that are ok....but those are the ones that seem to have inherited some of that DS vibe from the previous collections.
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I'm feeling these looks. I want the grey sweats.
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I will purchase a WWM watch cap just to troll SF. It actually appears pretty fresh.
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Originally Posted by hansj View Post

I was at Odin today and they just got the first fall pieces in. Two wool blazers, a chino and the black mountain parka. I didn't try anything on, so can't comment on the fit, but was surprised how much I liked the materials. The parka looks great, made from waxed cotton with a quilted interior. A nice, simple, clean piece. The chinos look on the slim side and are made from a sturdy, rough work-wear material with 4 pockets in the back. They could be a decent Ranger pant replacement. I want to go back there on a not so hot day and try the stuff on, in order to really comment on them!
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Yeah, I have to say....the stuff isn't bad in person! Context got some pieces in including a couple wool blazer style jackets which seem excellent, an oxford shirt that is nice (though very much MM!) and a waxed cotten/nylong hooded jacket that I absolutely love. Fit is very good, similar to WWM in the past.....medium fits me perfect in all the pieces I tried on. Anyway, I had my doubts but I'm liking some of it after seeing it in person.

If any of you could try out the pants and describe the fit here I would appreciate it ALOT! If you know where I can get the measurements that would be awsome aswell!
I, as many other of you don't like the styling either. But I do feel some of the garments. I like the pants, the boone parka and some of the shirts plus the boots, especially the black ones.

Yeah I'm with you on those.

Feeling this aswell

No comments on the beanies... ffffuuuu.gif
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I dig the yellow vest. It's sure to attract attention and compliments/hate.
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Anybody have one to sell or know where I can find an Upland jacket in navy cotton size medium?
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