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Originally Posted by earthdragon View Post
I would be writing to Hilary and including images of the 'damage'.

Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I think taking this issue to the Secretary of State is going overboard, even if they are shoes.

It would be Hilary (single 'l') Freeman, not Hillary (double 'l') Clinton!
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Was the creaking at least fixed by the re-craft?

I agree with the others that the damage to the uppers isn't acceptable. However, if it can be polished out I'd grumble under my breath and live with it. If it can't be polished out then yes, I'd politely raise a little hell to have them fix it or replace it.

Which e-mail address did you use to contact Edward Green? I'd sent them a couple since the beginning of the year have have not heard nothing back.
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I would be angry too, but there is no such thing as a safe recraft.

EVERY time I have sent anything in for a "factory" recraft, there have been errors. The good thing is that the companies have always made good on their errors.

Example 1: Sent in a pair of AEs for a resole. They came back with 3 awl-holes in the uppers, near the welt. Fix: free pair of AEs in the future

Example 2: Sent in my Barbour for a rewax and to patch a hole in the sleeve. Came back with both sleeves shortened (irreversibly) by 2 inches. Fix: I sent the jacket back on their dime and they re-fitted brand new sleeves. They also offered me a brand new jacket instead of the re-sleeve but I had too much sentimental attachment to my original

Example 3: Sent a pair of Aldens Color 8 shells in for recrafting. I said DO NOT refinish the upper at all. They came back with the uppers refinished and with a slight "dent" in one of the penny straps. Fix: Coupon for free recraft.

Work with EG to get something to your satisfaction and don't think that recrafting is something which is safe. Recrafts can often cause more damage/bigger problems than they what they were initially intended to fix.

By the way, those spots on your Chelseas are annoying but will go away after more wear and more polishings. Leather that color doesn't stay spotless.
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This is garbage. Get free shoes out of this for the markings on your shoes and the crappy overall experience. Should not be the case with $1200 shoes.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post
This is garbage. Get free shoes out of this for the markings on your shoes and the crappy overall experience. Should not be the case with $1200 shoes.

Maybe so, but it just is.

I'm too lazy to go dig it up, but there have been threads on SF (maybe from a few years ago) which discuss the risk in dealing with recrafting and special orders, even with EG. Many people order X and get Y or send in for recrafting as A and get recrafting as B. Others sometimes just get back stuff which has a few dings (like the OP). It just happens.

I agree, get some form of compensation but, in the future, don't expect miracles from recrafting.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
That is bullfuckingshit with the edge dressing right there. I would have went apeshit.

I’m not sure how these stains could have happened. EG, like most factories, wrap their shoes in plastic foil throughout all the stages of production.

Here a shoe gets the sole and welt inking applied, still wrapped in it’s protective plastic:

Contact the factory, not the shop!

Still taken from this video

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You're not overreacting at all.
If anything you are rather calm about this.

They basically botched up every single task they had to perform, including the one they didn't have to perform.
Some could be attributed to misunderstandings.

But to send back the Chelseas in this condition? That's just sloppy sub-sub-par workmanship.
They probably didn't feel like wrapping the uppers properly. Lazy.
To provide some perspective, these shoes in their current condition wouldn't even make the cut as the much-maligned AE Seconds. Appalling.
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was the gentleman you corresponded with Chris Gumbs by any chance?

I would expect them to make this right. True, with almost any other maker this is to be expected, but with EG? Hell to the naw. Save creasing, your shoes should come back like a new pair. And their new pairs don't look anything like this. I have owned several pairs and never once remotely had an issue like this.

Especially with their prices rising exorbitantly.
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That's messed up. Those are gorgeous shoes either way.
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I think this is very poor service for such an expensive pair of shoes. I'd expect a free pair of shoes out of it.

Let us know how it goes. I've been thinking about buying a pair of EG's but stories such as this put me off.
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Someone made a mistake alright.

Anyway, I don't usually get the pleasure you guys get when seeing nice shoes, but wow, those are some wonderful looking shoes. They look sleek without looking gimmicky.
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I don't know about a free pair but I would certainly expect them to make it right.
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So it seems that the consensus is that I'm not getting worked up over nothing. NORE, I had been communicating with Christopher Grumbs, the Jermyn St store manager. He was very nice every time that I communicated with him. He is bad about returning emails, however. I am worried that they will think I'm a complainer. One of the emails that Chris did not reply to was about purchasing a new pair of shoes. My shoes were off for a recraft during EGs winter sale. I inquired about purchasing a new pair, so maybe they could send me 3 pair back, instead of 2. That was one of the emails that went unanswered. I sent Chris and email indicating that I was less than satisfied with the service to date (before I received my shoes). I also indicated that one of my emails that was unanswered was about purchasing additional shoes. This "complaint" email also went unanswered. Needless to say, I didn't purchase another pair because they never answered my inquiry about purchasing. Does anyone have the contact info for the factory? I would like to message them to see about a resolution. I am hesitant to send any shoes back because of the expense of int'l postage. I spent around $140 just on postage to and from the factory for the Chelseas and Westminsters.
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I think its time to be asking for someone higher ups email AND phone number. This needs to be ended on email and moved to phone calls.
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