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Another "is this real?" post

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Long time listener, first time caller. I found this little gem but I am wary.


I hope the link works. I looked up a guide and it says

"Armani Collezioni is the most common line of clothing found on eBay. It is a white square label that says,"Armani Collezioni, Made in Italy."

So far so good but it also says

"An Armani garment normally has a tab indicating the country of origin, which usually will be "Made in Italy". Most fakes normally do not bother to include an extra tab stating the country of origin."

There is no picture of this tab. I think it is a fine looking jacket and I would like to get it. Thank you all in advance.

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True, but there really are not many pictures so its hard to say. Many people list things without any idea there are a ton of fakes so they never think to take a lot of pics. The power sellers now what they need to show.

I look at it this way, pay what you would for it as if it were a house brand. So is $40 a good deal to you (do you like its look etc.) then bid with that in mind.
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It's hard to tell anything from the pitcures, but most people selling fakes don't sell them as used.
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