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Did I Miss Anything?

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After a little more than ninety days away from home we now face the Separate Reality of southern California. Normally Mrs. FC and I head directly to Cargese to relax for the summer. This year, we detoured back to Minsk for a few days at the end of June. Hugo Chavez's visit delayed our flight's landing even though he landed far away from Minsk International 2 (MSQ).

Rumors quickly swept through the cabin of our plane with the delayed landing. People began praying aloud because they thought our plane had run out of fuel. With plenty of fuel remaining and forty minutes past our scheduled arrival, the plane landed without incident. Applause and laughter erupted with the safe landing. If you've never flown on Belavia or Aeroflot you wouldn't know it, but the applause and laughter are normal with each (safe!) landing whether delayed or not.

This year we chose to be a little more active after arriving in Corsica. With a week of rest, we hiked coast-to-coast eastward along trails, paths, and roadways. It was a week of easy walks with an inn or hotel booked each night so that we didn't have to camp along the way. A nice bed each night makes all the difference in attitude at dusk and dawn. We walked from Porticcio to Porto Vecchio. We spent a few nights in the Holzer and then rented a car and drove northward to Bastia.


Then, with a few more days rest, we did the same thing westward. We walked from Bastia to Cargese and finally took a taxi to our home in Cargese. We elected not to walk the last seven kilometers! The first walk was fun. The second . . . let's just say we would have never made it as easily if we were camping out and cooking for ourselves. Enough is enough. We take hikes and bicycle trips in California, but we've never gone overnight before.

St. Michel Church near Murato

Summer Scenes from Cargese

Summer turned into autumn. The tourists departed and drowsy Corsica quickly became sleepy Corsica. The chill told us it was time to go home soon. So we packed the bags and headed to Paris on the way back to La Jolla. We dawdled long enough in Paris to attend the 2006 Mondial de l'Automobile. My favorite car was the giant rear-engined Peugeot 908C and my not so favorite was the not so little Alfa 8C. If you haven't seen a feather-light looking1960s GTZ, you might think this new Alfa is lithe.

As I peruse the threads here in Style Forum I see that Huntington Beach still cannot believe Santa Cruz is actually Surf City and that Mr. Portnoy continues to add to his collection of gorgeous shoes for his right foot. The Currents Events forum is still wonderfully ripe and rife with both emotion and occasional common sense. The StreetWear and Denim forum makes me question whether or not my old 501s are socially acceptable anymore.

What really brought me to Style Forum in the first place is what continues to bring me back when time allows. The fascinatingly diverse opinions and offerings that make-up this community offer far more to me in a few minutes than I could ever experience otherwise. Certainly, I receive far more than I can give to such a group. Additionally, Mrs. FC thinks this keeps me out of real trouble!

Finally, I am posting Part Two of American Concept Cars in Fine Living, Home, Design and Auto.

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Wow, to the top left picture. I can't figure out why you came back :P
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Welcome back. With all your travelling, it's no wonder you post entirely too seldom.
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Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Words cannot express my envy right now. But welcome back!
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Wow. Thanks for sharing the spectacular views, even if they incite green-eyed envy.
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How beautiful. I've been to Capri, and think of my stay there, often. Spectacular photos.
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