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Wiltshire here.
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I think the Astaire would look very smart with a light gray flannel pin stripe suit.

Frankly, there's not much it wouldn't look good with, and I should know: I have a pair of dance shoes in that combination and they look fantastic with everything -- but that's on the dance floor. I don't wear them them around town, and am not sure I have the guts to, but I like them a lot.

I'm also partial to the Wiltshire, which is the MTO version of the bespoke V-front derby I ordered last Friday. There is a difference between them, but the price may not justify it in every case. Good luck; let us know your decision.
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Originally Posted by Manton
Not sure why Tony chose to make the corners come to a point on the throat of that Adelaide. His bespoke samples show a (to my eye) much more elegant roundness.

Thanks all for the replies. Well, my favorite going into the meeting with Tony today was the Astaire. It is a gorgeous shoe -they ALL are gorheous shoes! One thing is that the catalog does not do them justice, there were several pair that didn't catch my eye in the catalog, but in real time, were very appealing. I'm specifically referring to the Hanly in Vintage Maple and the Gable.

Concerning the throat angle on the Astaire, I actually talked to Tony about that - because I was inquiring about getting the Astaire in their TG37 Classic Sq. last. I chose
to stay with the integrity of their design and not try my hand at playing designer. Tony felt that the angle at the throat fit the design of the shoe, but as Manton and others have noted the rounded corner is a wonderfull feature of the bespoke.

The pin grain leather on the Astaire is quite nice, a deep rich brown, but with slight burgundy undertones when held to the light. The pin grain is actually much smoother than it appears in print.

The only question mark to the whole meeting was my size. I have no EG's to base my actuall size on. I could not try any of their samples on. On Tony's suggestion, I had to stop by Barneys and try on a pair of C&J (348 last)to get them a better idea of size.

I did leave the card # so if the sizing won't be an issue, then i will purchase the Astaire as shown.

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