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Military-issue M-65 field jacket - Small, $25

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M-65 is sold - thanks! This is a Vietnam-era (from what I've been told) army-issue M-65 field jacket. It's tagged Long Small, which means it was issued to soldiers with 33-37" chests and 5'11"+ heights. This one obviously has more character than a coat you'd buy at the mall or an H&M (read: some pulled seams where the patches were, worn pocket corners, etc). It's warm as it is, but you can buy a button-in liner from any mil-surplus store for extra warmth. I bought this for $60 at the mil-surplus store last fall and it looks like they're selling for $20-50 on ebay depending on color, size, and condition. This one is the most popular color, in good shape for a 30+ year-old coat, and a slim-fitting size, but I'm letting it go for $25 shipped. My paypal address is brozek(at) and I'll ship the next business day after receiving payment.
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chest measurements?
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The chest measures 21" pit-to-pit. Also, the sleeves are 24" shoulder seam to cuff, and the length is 30.5" from the bottom of the collar to the hem.
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That is a 1968 M-65. The 68 is in the ID line. I am surprised iit is not worth more.
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Yup, except for the size and the lack of patches on the sleeves it looks very similar to one I have in the closet that is 36 years old.

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I'm curious if you'd be able to ship to Canada.

I'm a 37" chest, 5'11, with scrawny, average length arms... don't want anything TOO loose, but also nothing too tight. I like how the jacket fits you, but you might be more buff than me...

Any photos of the pulled stitches?
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