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Some shoes

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Gyula Kiss, Nemesker, Hungary


Jenö Kovacs, Papa, Hungary


Gyula Kiss, Nemesker, Hungary


Lucian Maftei, Vienna, Austria, www.maftei.at
Models: Slatin Pasha in burgundy,
Norwegian, Leather: Nile perch


Istvan Feher, Györ, Hungary
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That's a very interesting selection of shoes, fritzl. Can you tell us anything more about the makers or when the shoes were made. The only name I even recognize is Maftei. Generally, I like this look. It's squarely in the Central European tradition of a more casual country-type shoe, but without the more pronounced toebox of the Budapester.
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Okay. I'll try a short version, cause am not native English. So hopefully, you'll understand my explanations.

The shoes from the hungarian makers are between ten and 2 years old. They are in chronological order.

The "connection" to them goes back to my students time, when the budgets were low . They are real sort of insider tip's

Am still faithful to them, not only of the aspect you build sort of relationship to the people, also cause I like the shoes. Jenö Kovacs is already retired after a heart attack.

If A would be the best. I would rate them B+ to the optics, but tripple A for the fitting.

I showed them to Lucian Maftei and he couldn't find any mistake.

All of them are "holzgenagelt" - pegged. The soles are fixed with this small wooden nails. I prefer this method.

Only the Oxford beside the Chelsea Boot is goodyear.

Regarding to Maftei.

In Vienna he is still a insider tip.

Two reasons. The large number of shoemakers in town. Approximate 30 - 40.

And the "old bulls" like Bartkiewicz, Scheer, Materna, which are quite longer in the business then Maftei.

If there are any further questions, feel free to contact me.

At last, all I can say, am a really satisfied customer of all these guys.
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Great post. Insider tips like this are priceless!
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