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Daniel Craig is the best Bond for mine.

He may be blonde (who gives? not me), but I love his work in other films. He should give Bond a real shake.

As soon as he was announced I changed my decision not to watch any future Bonds.
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Oh, and..

KILGOUR NO. 8 SAVILE ROW The only tailor Cary Grant ever trusted. And in these retro-loving times, today's Alphie (Jude Law) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) still sport the Kilgour look.
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Yeah based on nothing whatsoever I also like the casting of Daniel Craig. I think if they went for another polished and smooth Brit, it would just look like Brosnan's poor cousin, by casting someone in a completely different mould, I think they have done the right thing. Look forward to seeing what becomes of it....
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Hell yes, I loved Starship Troopers!

Underrated movie: Starship Troopers

For all its faults, and yes, there are many, and many of you will probably disagree with me- I can't help but love this movie for the blatant neo-facism, xenophobia, warmongering, NPH in an SS outfit, Michael Ironside being a complete badass, sci-fi-riffic effects, gratuitous nudity, and etc.

Also Tombstone was a great movie. Actually it got me into Westerns when it came out. If you haven't, you should check out Deadwood, Doc.
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Ryan Gosling has to be the most underrated actor of his generation. He is always fantastic and sometimes even manages to save otherwise unwatchable movies. I can't wait to see him gettting the big break and respect that he deserves
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