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The official size 29 and under denim trading post - Page 11

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Looking for apc ns size 28 or newcure/petit in 29. Faded, brand new, used, doesnt matter. as long as its not washed multiple times.
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3sixteen slim straight raw in Grey size 28 BNWT and Sugar Cane dual prong natural belt size 30 right out of the box. PM me if you're interested.
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The N&F Slim Guys I had are no longer available. Thanks guys.
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looking for APC petite standard sz26 any color
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Just bought some APC Petit Standards size 28 from jessetk313, looking to trade down to a size 27. Slightly broken in at the waist, slight honeycomb creasing, but no fading is noticeable, still very rigid. Pm for more info.
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NF Skinnny Guy Natural Indigos sz 30 Looking to trade for 28 PS or NC or anything else. PM me
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Looking for various Diors in sz. 27/28/29 PM me.
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Ended up finding the jeans on my local Craigslist Thanks
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I've got a dior homme 19cm size 28 raw indigo for sale from heidi era. check sig for pics!
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Currently selling:

Dior pants in black, sz. 29 (fits 28-29)
Jil sander jeans, sz. 29 (fits 30-31)
Lanvin x Acne jeans, sz. 29 (fits 30)
Guess jeans, sz. 29 (Fits TTS). Has a fabulous red selvedge line and brilliant streaky denim.
Nudies Thin Finn dry black coated, sz. 28 (fits 29)
Studio D Artisan black moleskine pants, sz. 30 (fits 28-29)
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A.P.C. NS size 27 worn around the house for 2 and a half weeks. Throw me some offers. I want to move these quickly.
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I have 2 pairs of Rag and Bone RB15 denim in indigo selvedge: 1 pair in a 29 waist and 1 pair in a 30 waist.

These fit like 1967 Levi 501's.

They are tagged "Handmade in New York." They are made from selvedge denim (white edges visible at cuff in the 2nd picture)

I believe this is considered "one wash" denim. I've handled raw denim before. Raw denim is very rigid and scratchy. Personally, I wouldn't wear raw denim without first washing it to soften the fibers. The denim on the Rag & Bone pair is softer, but retains virtually all of the indigo dye,

Jeans available:

-Size 29 waist
-Size 30 waist

Price: $145 shipped CONUS, firm (inquire for international rates)

Personal payment, or add 3.5%

These are the made in NYC ones, and they retail for $295 at Barney's:,pd.html


See Blue in Green Soho measuring method: here

Size 29:

W: 29.5 inches
R: 10.25 inches
T: 11 inches
LO: 7.5 inches

Size 30:

W: 31 inches
R: 10.5 inches
T: 11.25 inches
LO: 7.5 inches
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^Just sayin, they look pre-washed. They may still fade, but unless they are tagged "one wash" I don't think those are one-wash. Anyways, SOMEONE BUY MY SOMETS ALREADY!!! W29, More infos in this thread.
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msg me for info Dior MIJ raw black 19 cm size 29 hemmed to 33" for sale or trade 240 shipped
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Looking around for a pair of 19cm Dior silver selvage in 28/29
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