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Selling my PBJ xx-011 in size 30. Ideally looking for trades in PBJ xx-005, PBJ xx-007 in size 30, in brand new or close to brand new condition.

I'd also be interested in Momotaro 0701(size31)-0705(size31)-BIGxMomotaro (size31), Samurai 710 (size30), Eternal 811BG (size30). I can add cash on my end depending on if they are brand new or close to brand new.

post #47 of 288 Selling my Nudie Big Bengt 32x34 worn once, would be willing to trade for Easy emils in 32, Naked and Famous slim guy 32s (not black selvedge or broken twill indigo) or anything that fits me if you want to trade or just want the jeans...thanks
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I've got the following that I'm looking to trade: 5EP Low Down Boot Resin 30x32 Waist - 16.25" Rise - 10.5" Inseam - 32.5" Thigh - 12" Knee - 9.25" Hem - 8.5" pics here And Levi's 501 STF "Knight" washed around 3 times and worn for a week. Still very dark. 33x34, shrank to around 32 x 32.5 I'm looking for regular pair of Levi's 501 STF in 32x34 as well as Sugarcane 1947s in 32x32 or 31x32. Currently debating trading a very nice pair of Samurai 5000vx in 32, hemmed to 32.5. I bought them from Second and they have arcs and tabs.
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I have a pair of APC Rescues Tagged Size 30. Unworn and denim is still stiff. Let me know if you're interested!
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Got two pairs of brand new APC petit standard in size 30 and 31. Looking to sell or trade for APC new standard size 29. Pm me!
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Nudie dry black coated slim jim's. 31/32. Will trade for : Acne max raw 31 Nudie DBC thin finn 30 APC new cure 30/31
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Got a pair of Triple Works 3230 PI's, size 31, unhemmed and pristine except for a small white paint mark on the right hip. Bought off B&S but they are too big for me (waist is more like a true 32). Measurements: 31.5" waist, 8.75" f rise, 11" b rise, 8" knee, 36" inseam, 6.75" leg opening Would trade for a size 30 of the same, or really any interesting denim. In particular, would add cash for PBJ size 31ish. Would trade for other workwear stuff (size S, 36" chest) as well.
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Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post
i will flaunt these rules and put some up anyway

you mean "flout"
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Anyone wants a pair of Brand New Levis LVC S501XX in Rough Rinse size 30x32 I will trade for something in a 29 or 30 (not any bigger). I believe they will still fade. Otherwise, I want $150 but I am not looking to sell. Link to a site with them
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Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post
Blackbird's Sunset Hotel sz 31, soaked for starch, worn twice.

waist 32
thigh 10.5
knee 7.5
hem 7

I'd still like to get rid of these for fifty bucks. I like them but in general I don't wear denim with a sub 8" knee.
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Used UJ Skinny fit jeans in dark grey for $10 shipped sz 30x32 Condition 7/10
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Just an interest check. Would anyone be interested in a pair of slightly used first generation ROYs (before Roy took a hiatus and subsequently starting selling at Self Edge)? I would say about 7.5/10 condition, but they have a bit of weird horizontal and vertical creases/fading from a hot wash. Not exactly a deal-breaker in my books. :P Looking for slim Momotaros or SDAs, and most likely will be willing to top up cash depending on condition. My ROYs are a size 32 but slightly too tight for me in the upper block.
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I've got a pair of Skull 5010xx Blacks sz31 and a well-worn PBJ XX007 sz29. Mainly looking to sell, but if you guys have something that's fairly slim (but not skinny) in a true 30 I'd be interested.
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Pictures would be nice.
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I have a pair of dry indigo KMW 1980s (Japan) in size 30x32 (actual size about 31x31) - washed only once and with professional crotch reinforcement (no tears/holes, just a preventative measure). These are just a little too tight for me. I'd like to trade for some dry indigo's of similar quality in size 31-32 waist with hem of 7.5-8". Willing to add cash to even out trades. Photos available upon request.
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