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I have samurai s003jp size 31 up for sale
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I am probably putting a pair of naked and famous sz 32 deep indigo skinny guys up for trade / sale. Never worn, cold washed to remove starch. Again, I just don't have the patience to break them in before they become wearable. Going with broken twill instead which is instantly wearable.
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Have a pair of NDG reverse denim 32 up for sale. Looking to trade for size 30 NDG or some other heavy jeans. Check my sig
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Hi guys. I have a pair of Artist Denim Slim Straight in #1 denim, size 31x35.5. Measurements can be given upon request but generally the size chart on the site is rather accurate. They come with quite a few bells and whistles such as peekaboo coin pocket, half-lined back pockets, and lovely #4 pocket bags, not forgetting that this denim is the 50/50 cotton sugarcane denim, dyed with natural indigo, the 40400 denim. The lower leg is perfect for me, but the top block is too tight for me now. From what I know, #1 denim can stretch quite a bit so I am on the fence about keeping these and losing weight, or going for something that fits now. I am rather reluctant to part with these, but am looking for interesting denim (maybe sammies or SDAs?) in a 31 or 32, depending on the cut. Willing to top up to offset the price discrepancy, but not too much. If there are no offers, then I will just tough it out in them. Interested parties PM me for negotiations! Have a good day.
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^are those measurements on their size chart [actual] RAW measurements? if you've already soaked, you may want to post current measurements, so interested parties can compare/estimate/visualize the fit.

btw, if denim is of the 40400Ns, then YES, they'll shrink quite a bit. but, once the denim softens up from wash & wear, the fabric becomes more pliant. on the SC40400N, you can actually size down cuz waist stretches out to a certain point when needed__ partly, due to the SC '47 top block contruction which are outfitted with the v-yoke.
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^ thanks IIIrd Icon for the tips. 31x35.5 are raw measurements, I have yet to soak these. Also, I realize that this denim is rather, in your words, pilant, but this is not the '47 fit but a slim fit. So I worry about how much stretch I could get. Just more info for people who are looking.
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-Flat Head S5003 29 (actual 31w)/32
-Acne white jeans 31/32
-45RPM Sorahiko 31 (actual 32) / 32

-APC New Standard 30
-APC Rescue 30
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Got a pair of Flat Head 4001s size 33, GONE!!!!
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I want a pair of PRPS Impalas in any shade of blue.
Size 31 only please.
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I've got a pair of marked 29, actual 30, N&F jeans for sale.
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I have a pair of RRL slim fits, worn once, in brand new condition... 31x34... PM if you have any interest. Incredible denim, just too slim for me.
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Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Cashmere Stretch. Size 31, worn for 2 weeks. Almost no fading, a bit on the back pockets. F/T Surprise me.
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I have a pair of Self edge x flat head SE05BSP sz31 for trade. Mild fades, worn on and off about a year, strangely the jeans dosent stretch out to a 32 as indicated by the measurements.
they fit a true 31! looking for trades of similar type of denim in sz32!
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Got a pair of RRL Low Straight, see link
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sz 31 weird guy deep indys in sig
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