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How do you pay your bills?

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The old fashioned stamp-and-envelope method? Online bill pay? Auto debit from your checking? Or maybe you just don't pay them!
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I send in the ocasional check for a mag subscription.
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Mixture of stamps and online payment.
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Everything online.
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Forgot to say: I do everything online but only my car insurance is an auto debit. I prefer to have "control" over when a payment is submitted. I can't remember the last time I paid for something with a check. Sometimes I'll use them if I owe somebody a few bucks and have no cash, but that's about it.
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I don't even have a physical checkbook anymore. Almost all online bill payment, a few bills (cell phone, internet) I pay with a credit card. I don't pay anything "auto-debit".
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I also do nada auto-debit.
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Online/e-check. Never do the auto option for anything. It's important to have the discipline to manage several different payments and scrutinize any inconsistencies.
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Student loans get an auto debit. Rent is by physical check. Everything else is paid online.
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Rent is auto debit(so i guess i lied) from my checking to my landladys acct.
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Everything electronic except the cleaning lady.
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Online, some of which is auto-debit.
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my maid does it.
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Usually a sheep or two.
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Rent and a couple of other fixed amount bills are auto-debit. Nearly everything else is online billpay. Write one check a week to the housekeeper.
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