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Did any one of you read the original post besides may be a few people? For someone who's never exercised in the past 9 years and been eating shit, do you really think Foo'll last through the P90X regimen.
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P90X is a good program but I wouldn't classify it as difficult... for someone who is in shape. I have seen much harder stuff in Infinite Intensity that I use routinely. However, for someone who has not worked out in 9 years and based on the OP's inputs into this thread, I doubt he has the stomach to deal with it. I predict a flameout in a couple of workouts max.
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Now that I think about it, if your source for health tips is Style Forum I'd say your pretty much fucked.

I think you should cancel your Billy Blanks workout DVD order and instead use that money to invest in some spandex and elastic-waisted clothing. It's all downhill from here buddy, I'm sorry.
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This thread is an abomination, even for SF
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post
This thread is an abomination, even for SF

I blame the MC members who recommended Dr Ozs shit, kung fu, walking to work and saying that diet doesn't matter.
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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post
hire a super pretty yoga instructor and put her on retainer. do super hard 30min yoga workouts with her. after the yoga or before if you prefer run for 15min (this should be maybe two miles or a 1.5miles if you want to jog it). eventually you can get the yoga workouts to around 25min and run 5k/3miles in a 20-25min. you'll be taught/flexible/a decent runner all in one swoop. plus the yoga and running clear the mind. also you can build a rapport with the yoga girl and eventually have hot nasty extramarital sex with her to complicate things in a good way.
This is probably the most reasonable and effective advice in this thread. Starting with something slow and relatively easy like yoga, in conjunction with a healthy diet, is probably the best way to ease yourself into shape. Then, if you desire that absolute "shredded" look, do as the others have suggested and go for P90x.
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This thread has
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get yourself an adderol prescription.
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I would suggest that you research trainers in your area that will come to your home a few times a week and take you through a wide range of exercises that you can do at home. After a few weeks of them leading you, you should be able to take it from there. But there is great value in having a "coach" to get started, especially at your house if that is where you want to exercise.
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I realize that you would like to train from home, but I think finding a good gym where you can train 3 days a week will be much more productive for you. The environment (assuming you find the right gym) will be motivating, and hold you accountable. You should have a wide range of gyms at your disposal. Look for something that offers close knit training under supervision. Avoid chain gyms. I train 3 days a week, roughly an hour each time. I start with weight training, basically a rotation of the squat, overhead press, deadlift, and bench press. These lifts should be incorporated into just about every routine, assuming the person is physically healthy enough to perform them. After this, I fill the remaining time with met-con (metabolic conditioning). For met-con, my gym uses a wide variety of movements that include running (usually 200m-400m per interval), jump rope, push ups, sled pushing, pull ups, burpees, rowing, push press, and so on. Incorporating as many movements as possible will keep your workouts fresh and stimulating. Some of these can be done at home, and others can't. Having a job with unpredictable hours might discourage you from joining a gym, but I would pursue that option at all costs because ultimately, it's going to produce the best results for most people. It is possible to get a good workout from home, but it's certainly advantageous to seek other options if your schedule permits.
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^probably most sensible post in this thread
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I don't talk to anyone at my gym, get irritated when equipment or areas are unavailable, and I still wouldn't want to work out at home. When I'm there, I'm there to work, but I enjoy the atmosphere. It doesn't hurt that a stroll over to the cardio room can give the ol' peepers something to take in.

Regardless, I still contest this is going to end up like any Conne-originated thread in this sub-forum.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
^probably most sensible post in this thread

If he had access to something like you are putting together, I'd be all for it. I trained at home for a long time with not much more than a power cage and some weights, so it is doable for those that have the required space and are self motivated. I'm not quite sure I'd push myself as hard as I'm pushed at my gym when it comes to met-con.
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