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peacoats + popped collars

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Just curious, what's the consensus on popping peacoat collars around here? Old-school-classic or abercrombie-pretentious?

Personally, I think it looks better popped - yet I don't want to come off the wrong way, especially as a young guy (18 yrs) who has yet to earn his worth. As for functionality, I believe they were meant to be popped too - or I could be mistaken.

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I sometimes pop when it's really cold or when there's excessive moisture in the air. I hate having a cold neck.
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My opinion, as a young guy (19), is that they don't look good popped. Whenever I wear mine I pair it with a scarf for added style / warmth
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I think you should only do it when the weather calls for it.
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Never Pop Your Collar!
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Always pop your collar!* Steve McQueen would do it.

*On peacoats
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I think it's a good look on peacoats. Nothing else though.
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It can work on anything. As always, it depends on context.
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Sometimes I pop it, and sometimes I don't. Do what feels comfortable to you. IMO both look good.
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I pop it based on weather.
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Looks good on wool coats, but I only do it if it's really windy/rainy/snowy/cold.
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Although I am not an advocate of the popped collar in almost all cases it seems to work on the peacoat
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i do it with a scarf, I like the look and it keeps the wind from killing you neck
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I am vehemently opposed to popped collars on everything else I can think of, but you have to do it with a peacoat. They were made for it.
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only when its windy, do i pop the collar.

if its extra cold, i'll button it all the way up
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