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Netherlands Tailor

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Looking for a recommendation for a good tailor in the Netherlands. I just moved to Utrecht but do not mind travelling to other cities.

Here is what I need:

About 20 shirts slimmed down and perhaps sleeves shortened. Pretty basic work and expect i all to be machine sewed.

Surgeon cuffs (handsewn button holes) on two jackets. Perhaps some shaping of another jacket.

These two projects can be done by two different tailors. I would like to get the work done well, but also do it as eonomically as possible.

Thanks in advance...
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There is a Dutch version of this forum, Stijlforum, where you might get a bit more local knowledge.
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I'm not sure about alterationists in the area, but you could contact New Tailor in Utrecht and they might point you in the right direction. I do not think they do alterations just Maatkleding. Could look into Iffet Kledingreparatie off Amsterdamsestraatweg
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Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

Dat klopt
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If you want a new suit then New Tailor would be a good local bet
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I lived in The Netherlands for slightly more than 4 years and I had a serious trouble finding a competent tailor. The majority of them will simply do a poor job. Apart from the poor quality of tailors I greatly enjoyed living there. Utrecht is full of lovely and single Dutch girls (because of the University; mostly Humanities). Therefore in case you are single, expect to have some seriously fun time.
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Generally recommended by some top notch men stores for more complex work (and I have some very good experiences with them), a little bit on the pricy side compared to some others and also not the fastest service:

Oerlemans Confectie / 'T Kleermakertje
Rembrandtweg 364
1181 HC Amstelveen
Telefoon: + 31 20 - 6454138

I brought some Kiton and Attolini stuff to them. For surgeon cuffs you can choose, machine made or handmade, obviously latter one is more expensive.

For simpler work (e.g. taking in shirts there is one in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam, forgot the name though).
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There are two competent Tailors for Bespoke Suits in the Netherlands IMO Paul Verschragen uit Den Haag and Cees Janssens uit Utrecht. Then Again if you can afford it London and Paris are only a couple of hours away if you do not want a Dutch kleermaker. Then again, we are talking about repairs and alterations, just contact the above they wil point you in the right direction
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Heel erg bedankt voor de informatie, allemaal...
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Originally Posted by techstyles View Post
Heel erg bedankt voor de informatie, allemaal...

You are learning fast
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Heel goed, techstyles. Heb je iets gedaan met de informatie?
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Van dag ga ik naar Amsterdam voor een conventie of so iets, en misschien wil ik mijn pak meenemen. Als niet, dan ik ga naar Kees Janssens bellen. BTW- Chiton, ik ben vertrouwd, maar ik kan kijken! Ik hou van die amazons hier...
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