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Did you/will you pre-order/purchase a PS3 or Wii?

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Pre-ordered 2 Wiis, 1 PS3 - #5/6 at my EB on the Wii, #20 on the PS3 at Fye. Likelihood I'll get the PS3 before X-mas? Around 30%.
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Tried to preorder a Wii this morning, but was too late.


I'm going to wait for the PS3 to work the kinks out... I remember the early problems with the PS2, and don't want a repeat.
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Despite getting up at 7:30am and driving to about 900 different stores, I was not able to preorder a Wii. If I don't get a PO when another chain starts taking them, I will be camping at Best Buy. Don't care about PS3 though.

I can't believe they let you preorder two Wiis, and also that you weren't stabbed by somebody else in the line after doing so.
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Originally Posted by kronik
Pre-ordered 2 Wiis, 1 PS3 - #5/6 at my EB on the Wii, #20 on the PS3 at Fye.

In all my time at SF, this is the first time I have felt so hopelessly out of touch.
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I have a Wii and PS3 coming my way. Not excited about the PS3 whatsoever. No originality in the first-wave software and of course, it's a Sony console so all the shipments until the next fiscal quarter will be of shoddy hardware that will last 6 months. I'm pretty excited about Wii, though the launch window is fairly weak. Twilight Princess fishing with the Wii-mote is insanely fun. Can't wait to dig deeper into it. Downloading Sin & Punishment and Doshin the Giant on the VC will be a kick, also. *EDIT*: No need to wait outside stores for the Wii. Nintendo is shipping bucketloads of units. They still haven't fulfilled DSL demand so they've learned their lesson.
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I'll buy a ps3 sometime...
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Actually, my fiancee (who has a different address on her license) came with me - she preordered one, I preordered one. Huntsman - I'd take your knowledge of clothing over my waning video game obsession any day. I share the apathetic attitude towards the PS3.. I was mostly interested in purchasing it to hock on eBay. My first PS2 died in like 5 months (I purchased all of the last generation within 3 weeks of launch, can't believe I'm doing it again). I haven't purchased the 360, nor will I until MS comes out and says they've fixed all the hardware issues.. though there's a new modchip out that's making me think twice. The Wii looks fantastic - ordered Zelda/Red Steel/Trauma Center (fantastic on the DS)/Super Monkey Ball.
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Not a preorder, but will eventually buy the Wii when it comes out, the originality in the control and the fact its a Nintendo machine has me sold.
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I've got a PS3 pre-ordered at Gamestop. I'm purchasing it primarily to play Blu-Ray discs and Tiger Woods 2007. I'll pick up some other games, but I'm not terribly excited by anything else coming out for a little while.
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FINALLY got the Wii preorder. Had to get up at 4 am and wait in line at Toys R Us all night, but it was worth it.
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I absolutely can. Not. Believe. They are seriously calling it 'the Wii'
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Everybody was surprised when they first announced the name, but I think the qualms have mostly subsided. Whether you like the name or not, it meshes nicely with Nintendo's new marketing strategy. Instead of a nerdy and portentous name like Xbox or the original codename, Revolution, they are shooting for a more accessible iPod type branding.
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Played Wii at E3. Definitely going to get one. My advice to you all is DO NOT buy a PS3 to flip on eBay. They've been closing down PS3 auctions like crazy. I might, eventually, buy a PS3, so I can play Tekken 6.
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I will probably buy a Wii, but want to play it first. It could be fun, but it could get annoying very quickly. And I'll probably wait for the new Mario game.
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