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Originally Posted by emptym View Post

Thank you for your patient and candid posts Sleats. Your blog is wonderful too. Very informative and original.

Thanks - Just wish I had more time to update it a little more often.... in fact there is a New Years resolution there somewhere!!!
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It's worth considering the tailors who work in the Holborn area serving the Inns of Court etc. They tend to be a lot cheaper than the Savile Row tailors, but still of very high quality. Two of the best are Connock and Lockie (about whom I have heard very good things, and I've seen excellent examples of their work), and Sims and Macdonald, both on Lambs Conduit Street. They both do fully bespoke for 1000+ or thereabouts.


Incidentally, if you are really strapped for case, there used to be several small tailor's shops in the same area who do really well-priced OTR/MTM suits in a very limited range of cloths. I suspect their main market is people appearing in court in a rather different capacity those served by the bespoke makers, however I bought two navy and charcoal pinstripe suits from one for when I went off to teach in Japan back in the mid 90s, had them adjusted in store, and they actually fit me me really well. I wish I had kept them now.

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Originally Posted by tennisguru View Post

Tom from Barrington Ayre is my regular shirt tailor and is doing the bespoke Great Coat that I have threaded about so I will second this recommendation!

I can highly recommend Tom. He made my smoking jacket for me and a lovely navy herringbone suit which I wear regularly. A lovely chap, too, whom I talk cricketing matters over with.
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Made to measure means they make it to your measurements. I don't know how you are struggling to find one in your size in an outlet store because that is the definition of "off the peg".

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Hi there, Looking for a three piece tweed suit for my wedding; one that I can wear again for stage purposes (i'm a singer) and through extensive research, have found myself visiting both Connock and Lockie and Sims and  MacDonald. Both very approachable. Connock being more approachable, which is not surprising at there price of £2400, and Sims quoting £1600.

I'm torn between the two! The main difference being that Connock are solely bespoke, with everythin being hand stiched and sims just hand cutting the cloth, with the rest machine stitched.

i suppose that i've awnsered my question, but would still appreciate any advise.

I was told fomr a good source that if I sourced the cloth myself, and went to these guys, that I would find something around £1500. Connock... are way off this.

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Tweed...for a wedding...? peepwall[1].gif
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Tweed...for a wedding...? peepwall[1].gif

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I'm glad this thread got bumped because there is some high quality LOL's going on.

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Hi there, Sims and MacDonald quoted me £1600 for a 3 pce. Have the prices gone up that much since this post?
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Not too sure how you can say Fielding and Nicholson are not bespoke! When I bought a suit (one of three) from there, i met with their cutter, having had all my measurements taken the cloth was cut in London (I saw him at work) and following a couple of fittings all my suits have been perfect. If you wish to bring down the reputation of a reputable company then at least get your facts right first. 

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