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just a note Polos are not Hardcore in any way shape or form, same with the Gap. Thats Straight up preppy Yo.
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Originally Posted by ratboycom
just a note Polos are not Hardcore in any way shape or form, same with the Gap. Thats Straight up preppy Yo.
Pretty much all of my experience with a defined "hardcore scene" was in the mid-to-late-80s and 90s, but a lot of the hardcore kids I knew during that time period affected sort of a militarized jock or preppy look - short hair, polos, Champion hoodies, Sauconys or K-Swiss, all worn with Dickies or BDU shorts.

Since then, the only hardcore shows I've been to were in college towns or bumfucks, so I don't really know the current state of hardcore style, but all the kids I knew who repped "hardcore" had no respect at all for sloppy gutterpunk fashion, Manic Panic-dyed hair, etc. They basically looked like clean-cut jocks with tattoos. So there's some precedent, in some scenes, for hardcore preppy.

And I don't think most "real preps" would be caught dead in the Gap.

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Hardcore is pretty much the same as it was in the late 80s, style-wise. lot of athletic gear (esp Saucony and New Balance for shoes) and throw in some jerseys and it's not too different from 1988

*oh yea, there was that flirtation with wearing chick jeans and white belts a la "fashioncore" about 3-4 years ago...but that's kinda become it's own scene
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I dont know just the black tight jeans, polos and sleved undershirts conjured up more immages of Emo than anything for me. Then again you guys talk about the 80s like it was yesterday where as what I remember about music from the 80s is pop, as always, sucked and I remember chilling in the basement listening to Sex Pistols, Surf Punks, and Led Zeplin Albums. Back then I was too young to have an opinion about clothes (well so I was told that I was always picky about clothes so this may not be true)... Shit I was born in the early 80s
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I don't think there's anything stupid or wrong about the look you're going for. You're not a 40 y/o accountant looking for "dressy" jeans to wear when going to upscale restaurants and that's fine. If that accountant ever gets divorced he'll probably go for the leather pants and choker look anyway in a desperate attempt to recapture what you've got going for you. You're young, slim and part of a music scene, dressing the part while keeping your individuality and idiosyncrasies intact is what you should be going for and that's what you're aiming at.

A few comments:

I like your color choice except for the dark red/burgundy which tend to look flashy or mall-goth with the other colors/style you've selected (think about a guy wearing tight black pants and a blood red velvet top with some spiked bracers, do you want to be that dude?). I think those who mentioned brown where spot-on, this will give you some versatility by allowing you to switch from "dark" to "earth tones" when you want to express something different through your palette.

Those look fine to me. Don't be afraid to try on items that are more relaxed to go with your tight fitting wardrobe, this will allow you to take advantage of the volume and draping of those pieces and the contrast they create. See this more flowy ensemble:

Types of items
"¢Street shoes: Since you'll be wearing tight fitting pants and want to project some sophistication I'd go for sleekier shoes. Converse are, of course, a classic ideas, but you might think they're too common. Just pick something with a similar silhouette but different design like Springcourts (are those easily available in the states?). If you insist on wearing clunkier shoes I'd go for van sk8-hi hi-top black/black or something along those lines. Vintage hi-top Ponys purchased on ebay might also be the way to go. You might also elect to purchase some sleek, black ankle length boots, either zip or chelseas, those are classic rocker material and exactly what you're going for. Try different models in the mall but please purchase them online using advices gleaned here, you'll get from double to 10 times the value, either in price reduction or higher quality.

"¢Belt: I saw some posts about how evil studded belts are, and frankly I tend to agree when it comes to cheap studded belt with their generic made in china look and plasticky feeling. Nevertheless you can find some amazing studded belts and you shouldn't get turned off the look for good. Belt and shoes are a major wardrobe foundation and you should budget accordingly. This forum have helped me discover various models I would not have been exposed to otherwise, my fav among those that fit your criteria being Baltazar belts (quite pricey though, but check out their styles to get an idea of what I'm talking about): http://www.kultic.com/m25-baltazar-belts.html

"¢Jeans: by skipping blue jeans you're really missing on the amazing aging properties of indigo, nothing fades as beautifully as this much revered dye (revered around here that is...). There are plenty of choices in the tight look as it's currently very popular. This place is partial to dry denim but I don't know what interests you. Look at brands like Acne ($$), dior homme($$$), April77($), Julian red ($), Cheap Monday, APC ($) or even Tsubi ($$). H&M makes some copies of those brand that are pretty nice, the sliq raw could be your intro to raw jeans and is tight, dark, unbranded and fitting for the rocker look. H&M sliq raw. For black jeans there's plenty of choice (all companies in the previous list have black models) but I find levi 514 to be a great option for the price. I have a pair and often get back to it, even though I tend to wear more "prestigious"/high fashion choices.

"¢AApparel is a great choice for basic blank, slim fitting tees, thermals, etc.. Go try some in stores than order from TheGrapist (see buying/seeling section) who sells for lower prices. Get some v-necks to go along with your rounded collars, adds some variety and looks good with necklaces. Alternative apparel might also be an option for a slightly more relaxed fit. Some other choices favoured by forum members: BR, Gap and H&M. You might think about getting some tees with graphics to spice things up, feel free to use the search function and look for "graphic tee-shirts" or something similar.

"¢Polo shirts are ugly in most contexts imho and don't fit the look you're going for. This is a personal bias and shouldn't stop you from acquiring some.

"¢Leather jacket: Either go vintage or high-end, I find everything in between to be a waste of time and money. Thrift hunting is fun, inexpensive and should give you a jacket with the "authenticity" you need.

"¢Leather pants: I know you removed this due to some feedback but this wasn't such a bad idea and definitely fitted the look you are going for. How about some pants with somewhat shiny looking material. April77 dischords could be a good idea as they're basically very slim cut, jeans-like, unnaturally shiny cords. If you're going for the kill Dior Homme black waxed denim could be the way to go but I doubt you want to invest that much money in a rarely worn item.

"¢Jewelry: rings and pendants are a must I think. I like surface to air but their brand of weapon pendants are overexposed right now. H&M usually copies trendy jewelry on the cheap, it's a good place to try different styles and see what you like, I'd go with that. They had some black metal chains with cool pendants a while back but their stock changes quickly, just check it often. BTW they also stock leather bracelets so you might want to get one there and see if you like "˜em

"¢Have you thought about adding blazers to your list of items. One or two black, slim fitted 1 or 2 button blazers could really help you along the way to rockerish sophistication. They look good with v-necks, some jewellery, tight jeans and boots so they'd be instantly integrated in your new style.

"¢Military accents could really merge well with the listed wardrobe ideas. APC has some military-inspired clothing, as do loads of designers this season so I say go for it. M-65 are especially easy to come by and look great fitted.

Finally don't do everything at once; unless you're naked right now and the people in the internet café are starting to get restless you don't need new clothes NOW. Take the time to try stuff on, see what you like, how it should fit, purchase slowly and take advantage of online offers once you get a hang of what you want to end up with.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma
Wow, this is one of the best posts I've ever read here.
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Golf clap.
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great post Fuuma!!
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Thanks guys, I guess I wanted to be a counterpoint to the "the style you're aiming for sucks so I won't comment about it and tell you what I would like you to strive for instead" type of posts. Kinda like reading a tattoo thread where half the posts are by people who oppose the whole idea.
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