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Mine is here. Very pleased. The ground is creamy, the silk luxurious. Look for me on Madison Avenue in nine days.
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Still no sign of mine.
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Mine just arrived!!!!

What an absolutely beautiful tie... I'm debating whether to wear it to a awards dinner tomorrow evening or a Christmas party on Saturday... I'm thinking that I may just wear it to both
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Any left?


I e-mailed you at your site as well.

Should I just order one through the site?

Has anyone else done this and received one?
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Not sure why your order didn't go through. I've not heard of any other issues like this. But in any case, here's the link again to make it easy. I believe that all material costs have now been covered so any additional sales henceforth will go straight to the support of this great forum!!
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got the tie yesterday!!! my first 7-fold and i have to say, now i see what the hype is all about! the tie is beautiful, amazingly vibrant colors, and the pics on the website do not do it justice!!!

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Carlo, you got mail
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My tie finally arrived today. Silk is gorgeous. The crumply tip of the seven-fold (unlined) takes a little getting used to, and I have to think about what shirt to wear with the ecru field of the tie (light blue? White, which I'm wearing today, doesn't look right). But the tie itself is sumptuous and makes a wonderful dimple.
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I have to think about what shirt to wear with the ecru field of the tie


Actually I think the muted blue of the standard oxford would do rather nicely.

With a grey suit...
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Got mine and love it. I've never had an unlined 7-fold, and they are amazing. I have mine on with a medium charcoal suit and a light blue shirt. It works really well, IMO.
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Just ordered mine in an XL unlined.
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my tie came today (had to send bowtie back) - it is gorgeous. I am thinking about wearing it with a grey shirt with white contrast collar/cuffs
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Got mine yesterday. 3 days from order to delivery. (Of course we're both in Texas).

Tie is awesome. I think it would look good with a pink shirt, and plan to wear it with a very small pink checked Borrelli, a navy blazer and charcoal flannels.

I think you could wear it with navy as the "black" stripe to me seems midnight blue...
post #59 of 91've got an e-mail and a PM...
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ok, looks like the tie is ready for orders-- unlined is the way to go, correct? before i order one, what DOES one wear with those colors? I can pull off the black sportcoat, ecru shirt, and......? what color trousers would be good, do you think?
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