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H&M Scam

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Ok, so I've picked up some H&M jeans for $12, a dark grey slim fit. I got them at 30 but afterwards I decided I liked the 29s better, duh. The problem is the 29s are gone now, too bad. Does anyone know if H&M jeans tend to shrink in hot washes? Some of my friends told me the H&M jeans shrink like crazy for some reason, even shrinking as much as 1inch in the waist. Now this sounds a bit unbelievable but okay, hence why I'm asking you. I'm planning to try and shrink them, and if doesn't work out just return them. They'll take anything back at the H&M as long as you still have the receipt and the original pricetag/label for it. Perhaps I'll trade them for a t-shirt or just ask my money back, who knows. Anyone who can enlighten me? The jeans are made of 100% cotton and apparently stain on light materials, according to some sticker on them.
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H&M is "scamming" you because their jeans shrink?
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It's 12 bucks man, even if they're scamming you, it's only 12 bucks man. Where's the scam again?
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maybe he means he's going to scam H&M by washing and returning... either way, a lot of effort for $12....
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The H&M didn't scam me, I meant I was going to scam them.

I've got a week off from school so I need something to do, besides it's all for a greater good. I think.
So, does anyone have any tips or feedback?
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You're high, right?
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I did that YEARS ago with a pair of Dickies that I washed, decided I didnt really want them (they were a teal color) and still had the tags and stick on labels so I put it all back together and returned them.
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There's got to be something better to do with a week off school than try to scam H&M out of $12. My tip is to suggest you try to think of what it could be.
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This may be the saddest thing I've ever heard.
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doodz, u guys are hardcore real criminalz up in he-ya.
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I just forwarded this thread to H&M headquarters. They are expecting you.
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This has to be a troll.
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If the inseam is at least 33, I'll give you $13 plus priority shipping for them.
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Originally Posted by kronik
This has to be a troll.

Maybe it's an H&M spy trying to see how many of us would go along with this plan.
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Lol, okay. Nevermind. Just close this thread.
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