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London, clothing & opening hours

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Hello all,

I just heard I need to travel to London next week. I'll be looking to do some shopping but since I'm probably going to be working by day in some suburb I have some questions: what are the usual opening hours for stores? If I get to the downtown/City/central London at 20:00 or so, can I hope to visit smaller stores or am I limited to department stores etc?

Any other tips are of course welcome. I've been to London when I was 16 (that was 14 years ago..) so I don't really have a clue about the best areas to visit. I'm particularly interested in clothes stores (both "business" and "casual/streetwear"), tourist stuff I think I can find mostly by myself, that's because I'm posting this on this Men's Clothing forum.

Thanks in advance!
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The first thing that springs to mind is Knightsbridge (Harrods) and just around the corner from that is Sloane Street, which you can see what shops are on here and here

Those two have all of what I consider to be the main designer shops in one district. As for other areas, you could try New Bond Street, Oxford Street, and if you're interested in going to the original John Lobb store, and the only one which isn't owned by Hermes, you could always go to St. James's Street.

As for opening times, I'm almost certain that all the stores close at 6, and even Harrods closes at 8, so if you went out *at* 8 you would probably be dissapointed. Also note that most things open at 10am, so there's no chance of an early morning shop either.

If you can, I would definately recommend going to the Knightsbridge area though, that's my favourite! Enjoy!
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As said already, main department stores close at 8.00 p.m., smaller shops usually at 6.00 or maybe 7.00 p.m.

The two main streets for (traditional) men’s wear are Jermyn Street (shirts and shoes) and Savile Row (tailoring) as well as the arcades in this area.

For street fashion, Covent Garden or Soho are probably your best bet. Even Carnaby Street, the fashion mecca of the 1960s, thereafter only tacky and touristy, has revived in recent years.
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Thank you guys!
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Make sure you visit Liberty on Regent Street, that closes at 7 on Saturdays. (Carnaby Street is behind Liberty). I never have much luck in Covent garden and find it a bit of a nuisance to find my way around, Carnaby Street's not that great in my opinion either. I'd say Selfridges is pretty much the best thing on Oxford Street, New and Old Bond street are awesome so I'd give that your top priority! Go to Geo. F. Trumper's and Taylor's on Jermyn street for some old style English grooming products too.

Have fun! Tom.
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