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Get ones for
1. different weather
2. different occassions
3. Navy's in from Silk, light, medium and patterned for business, even one for linen-summer.

This is what I've developed so far, and I've worn all of them regularly:
2 Camel:
Camel hair or a cashmere camel colored jacket I've found to be exceptional, especially at night with thee women.
I have one in dark and one in light
Go all cashmere.

4 Navy or derived from blue/navy:

Silk sportcoat in dark navy for fine affairs

The one I wore today 'see what I wore today" in wool with very small pattern-lighter to medium weight
Another, with a lighter blue check pattern---lighter to medium weight

One in 70 cashmere, slightly heavier for colder months

I have a spring one:
Light weight cashmere and silk light check blue/browns

3 Linen for Summer:
Off White (see what I wore today)
Tawny Brown

One brown check and black (see what I wore) cashmere.
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I saw some really nice SCs at ehaberdasher. One was a 42L and reasonably priced at about 300. And, he's offering a 10% discount.

I agree that the one you posted looks great. Probably versatile. Check ebay because the Oxxford SCs are underpriced. And, if you see a Zegna 15mil that you like, grab it! They are terrific!
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Thanks for all the suggestions again.

The ones EL posted from ebay are very nice, but I don't think any of them really fit into my style. It's hard to explain what I like, but I consider my style to be slightly "darker" if that makes any sense.

I like the way the guy from Barker Black put it:

"Sophisticated, with a touch of fuck you."

I might go with something like this:

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Originally Posted by odoreater

I like the way the guy from Barker Black put it:

"Sophisticated, with a touch of fuck you."]

--- Sounds like Brioni Cocky Sportcoats.
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Originally Posted by rnoldh
Yeah, I'm North of 50, and I love traditional Blue Blazers!

And, come to think of it, I don't like the thin lapel look(i.e. Jil Sander), nor plain front pants.

But don't forget SGladwell. One day you shall be North of 50

But by then the kids will be wearing crest blazers and only fogeys will have ever even heard of Helmut or Jil.
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El: I looked at that Barbera and finally said "No, I don't like it enough."

BTW, is he still teamed with Hanna?
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Originally Posted by odoreater

I might go with something like this:

I like it, but you may want to get something in a different color. I think it would fit all the same pairings as your existing sportcoat.
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The L. Barbera looks as if it was one designed by Attolini. If so, then this cut is quite exceptional. The pictures are quite poor though, so hard to say of the colors.

I would avoid a grey based sportcoat as your 2nd, since grey trousers are your primary goto pant for business if your objective is to diversify your business casual wardrobe.

I think you could wear this with navy and/or black for a very authortative look polo/sweater/turtule or the classic light blue shirt and tie:
Charcaol pants being the pant: The pattern of the jacket is one of sophistication, diverse from your Navy sportcoat, and can serve as palate of combinations, it has Olive in the pattern also for the occassional green, I see it working quite well with Navy and Light blue.
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Stick to brown and olive tones in wool/cashmere for fall/winter

Brown and olives are very classy for Fall. I like a lot of muted plaids in green as well.
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Originally Posted by odoreater
So, believe it or not, I only have one sport coat

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For your second blazer, I would suggest something in a solid color. I think solid sport coats are easier to coordinate the shirt and tie (and pants).

Once you have several sports jackets, I would start getting the tweeds and more busy patterns.
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Minor hijack. I have zero sportcoats and could use one as well, and might consider buying one if it's significantly discounted (otherwise, I'd wait till I go back to Asia). What is the best way to go about buying an RTW sport coat significantly on sale? Try on a few and see what you like and how sizings are, then keep an eye out on eBay?
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The black white herringbone and the grey donegal are excellent, excellent suggestions from thinman and iammatt. I'd strongly concur.

A lot of jackets look good in the manaequin pictures because they're perfectly coordinated or layered with stuff (that most people don't have and if you did you probably wouldn't wear because it looks too affected). The herrringbone and donnegals will look better on you than on the manequins and can coordinate with just about anything.

I'd use the silhouette of the jacket to express the attitude you want (e.g., perhaps trimmer cut) and not the pattern. If you want pattern, get nice patterned shirts -- at least until you build up your wardrobe. I wouldn't advise getting patterned sportscoats until you were on your 5th or 6th or so.

Good luck
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Browns, tweeds. I have a dark brown corduroy that can dress up or be used with jeans, you'll have your pick of brown shoes.
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I agree that if you like the coat as much you as you say, you should seize the opportunity, rather than live with the regret of having a bunch of guys you don't know talk you out of it. That said, I also agree that it is sufficiently distinctive that it'll be "made" each time you wear it. But that's no reason not to buy it. Only women stress over being "made" in something worn last week; its not really an issue for men to engage in repeat wearings, particularly if there's a noticeable attempt to vary the ensemble.

In fact, IMHO, people will notice your sartorial talents more if repeat wearings are noticeably different, such that the jacket is given a different "look" each time its worn (and that jacket certainly has enough colors to be matched with a variety of trousers and accessories). Its a game I used to play before I had the extensive wardrobe I have now; like improv stage performance where the audience gives you five objects and sees how creative you can be in integrating them into different skits. The more creative you get, the more natural the five disparate objects seem and the louder the applause. And, after all, isn't that what its all about -- the applause!

P.S. I'm also a huge fan of the navy blazer. I know you already have a navy sportcoat, but a blazer has a different character that fits a range of occasions. I wouldn't knock it. Though I don't wear mine with any regularity now, its my utility in fielder, my shortstop, and works with damn near everything.
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