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What kind of pants would accentuate my butt?

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I'm a guy, about 5"9', 220lbs. I'm not fat, but have like a football player build, but I have a really nice butt! I want to accentuate that with pants, but I'm not sure what pants would work best, whether they be jeans, slacks, etc.

Does anybody have any recommendations? I love the way women's pants fit their butts, so is there anything that would be comparable in men's clothing? Brands, types?

Thanks in advance!
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Skinny jeans over football player pants with the butt pads.
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A Bullseye???
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Originally Posted by MBreinin View Post
A Bullseye???

What's that?
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Best post ever in a MALE forum.
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trial and error dude. Its just takes a ton of trying on different pants until you find the type, fit, and brand that work for your personal build. None of us are going to be abe to help you from just an online description, and even if you were here in the room, I don't think an of us are that eager to check out another guy's ass. Seriously though, trial and error is your only way to figure it out for yourself.

For a little direction though, you say you are built like a football player, what position though? Several different builds on the field after all.

Me personally, I am built like a defensive end (which I was) and I find luckybrand jeans work great for me.
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Derby Skins or Medieval tights.
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Where's idfnl and his avatar the *ONE* time he's needed?
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Nude Jeans, made by ENC.
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Leather chaps.
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Rent: "Sleepless in Seattle." Then call Rob Reiner or Tom Hanks. They'll give you some great advice. AND, for god's sake don't forget to whisper to the SA: "Tiramisu." (Trust me, it's a code word.)
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