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Quality Suit Pricepoints

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I would like to gather your expertise in buying quality clothes and put together sort of price-reference list. I am looking only into manufacturers of skinny cinched waist suits. I realize that each manufacturer has different lines in different price category, so the list might get longer. The purpose is to get a ballpark idea for the Average-Fare-Bargain price points for high quality suits. I appreciate your input gentlemen.





Please add manufacturers as list grows (hopefully).

Thank you.
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Sale prices IME: Joseph Abboud-$350 Canali-$800 Oxxford-$900 Belvest-$800
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bump. while i have no input since i am still researching the purchase of my first real suit, i do like the concept behind this thread.

with that in mind, i recently purchased (but still deciding whether to keep):

Isaia (not the diffusion line) - $679 from STP
Belvest - $559 from STP

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Corneliani: Solids can be found for $575 with some effort. Pinstripes and patterns can often be found for less than $500, sometimes even less than $400. STP is the most consistent source, with most Corneliani suits starting off around $800 before discount/coupon code. EBay, though, can be a source of bargains, as I've seen NWT Corneliani pinstripes sell for less than $200. (I'm talking about the mainline stuff, but, oddly, the lesser lines don't seem to sell for much less. Marshalls offers the Trend and CC lines for $399.)
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Picked up a solid charcoal 120s mainline Corneliani for a bit more than $400 shipped from STP the other day. Retail was about $1500.
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