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Like I said.
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Originally Posted by imatlas View Post
I was there today! I'm ordering a trial shirt, and we had an in depth conversation about whether he'll do CMT for shirts. He's game for it, if he can make the cost structure work. Shipping and customs are the biggest obstacles, of course. It works out to about $70-75 a shirt to do CMT with PL (including shipping fabric to HK), so if Spoon is reasonably close to that and slightly better quality then it's a great deal.

What is CMT?
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Originally Posted by P. Bateman View Post
What is CMT?

"Cut-Make-Trim" i.e. when the customer supplies their own fabric.
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Went by Spoon yesterday for a fitting on my trial shirt. They didn't nail the shoulders, and Andrew was kicking himself for not taking a photo. He's sending the shirt back to HK for alterations, as the local tailor only works on suits. He promised a 2 week turnaround.

My first impression was quite positive. The measurements were pretty dead close to what he'd marked down, and for the most part I liked the fit. The chest was comfortable without too much excess, the sleeves weren't too full, but the armhole could be a bit higher. Quality of workmanship is good - better than my Lee Baron shirts, with finished seams throughout, no loose threads and all stitching looking very straight and orderly. The MOP buttons are of a high grade, thick and very iridescent.
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Awesome imatlas, please post pix when the shirt arrives. Cant wait to see results.
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Logged in today to look for SF based MTM. THANK YOU!! Going to schedule an appointment and try out a suit.

New to the forum/ clothing world SF based and glad to see a good local option.

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Originally Posted by otheme View Post
Haven't seen them yet. Still waiting for my 3rd fitting to try on the final product. Pants sould be relatively low-tech. I specified down to the centimeters -- cuff width 20cm, knee width 25cm, natural waist, 2-inch cuff with minimum break.

As to the prices, I took the lowest grade 799 option. First suit, don't want to get an expensive fabric. I figured once my pattern has converged I'd go for a more expensive fabric. In fact I've already decided to order a 2nd suit with my own fabric. Even at 799 with my own fabric it's still worth it. The ability to see how everything looks on a basted shell and talk directly to the cutter is very valuable to me. My second suit would be a wide high-notch peak lapel, DB 6 on 2.

Very interested to see how your suit turns out as I just got a promotion at work (*awkward fist bump*) and am ready to spend roughly that much. OTR doesn't work all that well for me given my smaller stature so if I can go bespoke for 8 bills that seems like a great deal.
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How did your fitting turn out? Photos?
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Originally Posted by mistwrtr View Post
How did your fitting turn out? Photos?

I would like to know as well. Thanks.
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I am very pleased with the two shirts I ordered. I'll post a non-useless photo when my gf is around to hold the camera.
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Very nice MOP and sewing looks good. Is this the trial shirt you mentioned earlier in the thread?
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Agreed, that MOP looks great. Quite timely too as I'll be in SF in the fall ... will definitely swing by to check it out. Thanks for sharing!
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Here are some fit pix. The buttons are plastic. I looked at the MOP they offer (same price) and didn't care them them, they were thin. The plastics look good to me and say SPOON on them. Aside from the pattern matching on the back I think it came out well. This shirt was with their base fabric (I don't remember the maker) and cost came to $95/ea after tax. My next order will be with Thomas Mason fabric which runs $150/ea. I requested a slim fit. Please share any comments or suggestions so I can implement on my next order. Thanks.
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Not bad at all.
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They do have some thicker shell buttons -trocas I believe- in addition to the thin MOP.
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