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Washing my jean?

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Hi, I did some research on APC jeans and I finally decide that I should give it a try. I bought a pair of rescue and it fits me prefectly. The problem is, the insteam is too long. And I know this pair of jean is raw, so if I wash it, the jean will shrink. How can I make the insteam shorter and keep the upper the same? Cold wash in the tub? Will that help?
Here's the pix of what it looks like right now.

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They will shrink some, but the top will stretch back out and the length will definitely not shrink enough to take up all that slack. You're going to need to cuff or hem them no matter what, unless you want them all bunched up on your shoes.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.
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Should I really wash it before I go cuff it or should I just cuff it first? Besides, a tailor will do it or I need to find someone that has chainstich? Thanks.
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APC are the only raw, dry denim I've owned that haven't shrunk a noticeable amount after washing or soaking. I believe BrianSD once said that they're sanforized, but I might be making that up. Either way, a quick cold soak and line dry before you get 'em hemmed won't hurt. They'll still fade and get break in just as nice.
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Mine shrank a bit but not much. They probably are sanforized or they would shrink a lot more than they do.

If you want to get them hemmed pre-wash, I'd just leave about 1/2-1" extra depending on whether you feel like stretching them out after every wash.
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Will a regular taylor do the job? Because I heard of some taylor actually took out the slevage and such. Thanks.
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It's a very simple job, but if the guy you go to seems unsure of what you want, take it somewhere else.
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Thanks for your help J. Very much appreciated.
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I need to find someone that has chainstich? Thanks.

Well, APC jeans doesn't even use chainstitching at the hem orginally.

APC jeans will shrink at least 1.5 inches in length at first wash; thereafter, the length will be quite stable no matter how many times you wash it.
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Don't really know much about APC, just that people have been advised to size down one or 2 because they stretch out so damn much. Interesting entry on thesartorialist about his APC exprience, might help you out. Don't just read the article, btw, read the comments underneath, as I think it details his washing routine, how they feel at last report.
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