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yeah the oc site really sucks but i didnt want to burn it. im using chrome and received an order confirmation if that helps at all
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Either way, I can return if they don't adjust price since it'll be full price...or they'll adjust it and it's final sale regardless due to their policy on discounts. Also, I'm not going to ask for the adjustment until I try it on and decide to keep it.
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

do people size up on the pocket sweaters? im a xs in the shirting but seems like i need to go S for the sweater according to PE web measurements

I think I'm the same size as you and took a small in the SS version. Possibly even medium for a looser fit. Purple at OC no longer on sale?
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i dont know how you checked out. ive tried chrome and safari and after shipping it wont go to step four. it goes back to my cart -__-

and yeah now the prices are all back at 310... god OC website is so bad
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Oh it didn't let you check out? Usually it completes and then you get a random e-mail several days later.

lol yeah that's the classic OC experience. Make order. Hear nothing. Finally get "Oops we don't actually have that in stock" email 3-5 days later.
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the instore experience isn't much better.  Picked up an ervell pocket sweater marked off 30% a few years ago, brought it to the counter to pay and the manager (I guess, an asian woman) immediately went fucking nuts because she didn't think it was supposed to have been included in the sale. The same pocket sweater was 30% off on the ervell webstore at the time.   That's the kind of customer service you come back for.

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I once ordered a schneider coat from them. Another sales associate decided to take it from the back and resell it to a sf member who called asking about it.
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^ I remember that, didn't you pre-order and pay for it too? They did me dirty a couple times, refuse to buy from them anymore unless it's a crazy good deal.
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I bought a pair of dana lee shorts from then on sale, and the triple charged my card and it took me 2 weeks and constant threats of a charge back to get a refund.
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I am looking for this season's pocket sweat in black/gray size small and the winter buttondown in light grey also size small. Anyone looking to sell?

Also has anyone tried on the sports cap? Haven't been able to find one to try it out in person confused.gif
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Originally Posted by raginberriodoom View Post

Can anyone post their height/weight or measurements for the Alpine Sweater if you own one? Trying to figure out if M works for me.

I'm 6'4", 175 lbs, and own the Alpine Sweater (this colorway) in XL. It fits me well and the material slouches/drapes, which I like.
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Hey SF,


We have a special discount code that will be valid until Tuesday 11PM PST on all Patrik Ervell items. The discount is solely for Style Forum members so if your size and style of preference is still up for grabs be sure to take advantage of 25% off using promotion code SFPATRIK. As usual feel free to send us a PM or email at if you need further assistance. Check out our full selection here


Best regards,



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How do the winter button down shirts fit? Looks like a nice shirt-jacket type piece.
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Is the police sweater on sale anywhere (not the tactical version)

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Aviator from ss12 showed up on Yoox again for me and while searching for fit, came across this:

XS is included:
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