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Originally Posted by VitaTimH View Post

Hey Ervell fans, question: Did Ervell change its label to what it is now (stamp-like logo) recently? I got a pair of pants off eBay but the label is all black, with PATRIK ERVELL printed on in white all caps. Does anyone know what year this happened? Thanks a lot.

Like this?

That's from Patrik Ervell x Dockers.
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Like this actually --
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That is definitely his tag, but older season (2+ years back)
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Can anyone post their height/weight or measurements for the Alpine Sweater if you own one? Trying to figure out if M works for me.
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pocket sweaters are 30% off on opening ceremony right now with a full size run. deep purple and charcoal if any of you are interested
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do people size up on the pocket sweaters? im a xs in the shirting but seems like i need to go S for the sweater according to PE web measurements
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Check the measurements on neighbour's website...they're more accurate. Pocket sweater has long sleeves.
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god i hate oc ... doesnt let me check out

oh well
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Oh I get it, it was a prank

OC...where everything is already sold.

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Oh it didn't let you check out? Usually it completes and then you get a random e-mail several days later.
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I grabbed the icelandic in medium/faded black...which was still listed at $310. Atleast I can return it if they dont adjust the price.
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Did you assume the drop was going to be across the board?
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The same sweater in other sizes were listed at discount.
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That's risky especially with OC
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