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Mom picked up this tuxedo jacket in Navy with sky blue trim for me from SS10, its made from a durable yet smooth canvas fabric, def not dressy very nice.

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So my sample sale items came in. Very pleased overall. Knit is from SS '12 and jacket has no seasonal specifics except for the Ervell patch at the left inner pocket (Hand Tailored in the USA at the collar tag).

Fit for both are good IMO (you can be the judge). I want more Ervell now. Colors are even better in person especially the knit. It is like a brick red, purple hue, and red clay/maroon in all different lightning. Beautiful piece and feels even nicer in hand. I love the snap buttons. Very happy I went with the knit even though initially I thought I needed a medium and as a result would have ended up with a navy instead, which would not be varying in terms of my wardrobe. This color just shows better character of the pima cotton. Great overall and can pair this through the F/W and S/S wardrobe. Size is small. Another note is that it probably looks better worn with the collar rolled. Looks fantastic on my bench with the collar rolled and folded up i.e.


Question though, if sizing up, does the arm length change much? I understand now why everyone says Ervell knits taper a lot at the waist down. If I picked up a medium though there would be too much stacking on the sleeve length for my liking. As of now I like it the way it is. As a rule I follow, cardigans and jackets I usually size down .5 to 1 size whereas pullovers I usually go TTS. Probably not a good rule of thumb though as designers vary from cuts of their knits.

Jacket is wonderful. Thought it was wool for some reason but is cotton most likely, almost as thick and rigid as canvas. I will say it is more on the soft side of a stiffer cotton mix, though, I can see creases in the arm with wear. There is threading and exposed seams all over the inside of the jacket (typical Ervell white canvasing) , which when I take it to the tailor to get the sleeves tapered will ask to sew and fix any loose ends. Will see if I can take in the chest a bit too. Quite happy, and can see this being worn during both seasons as well with a bit more layering in the F/W like a slouchy turtle neck. I sized correctly FWIW, size 40 when I am usually a 38S/R ('thank you' Tonio!) This piece maybe runway as well based on the threading, which IMO looks like quick handy work. ***Jacket is from S/S '09 it seems according to the look book***

Some quick fit pics:



Stock photos in comparison:



And as an after thought, these were both purchased to sort of be paired with these boots. Light colored trousers, simple tee/shirt ...

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I've wanted that effer so bad. I'd love to find one in small. I always miss out on it due to lack of funds. Must... Make... More... Jingle...

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Toasty those are both so good

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Measurements on the knit for those who were asking a la Ervell site:
Shoulder (A): 18.75
Pit to Pit (B): 22.5
Top of Shoulder to bottom (C): 23 (from top of collar to bottom it is 24)
Sleeve Length (D): 25
Sleeve Inseam: 20.5
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I am not so smart in the evening.

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Also the cotton sweater my mum got me is a sample that didn't make it to ss13

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That cardi is fire, really want one now though ervell doesn't fit me well
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if your piece doesn't have season info on it it is a runway sample. not totally sure about this but I think show room samples have season info on tag but are produced differently (construction/material/cut etc) from the runs that actually go to the rack. my pocket sweater says FW12 and also says 35 Howard St on it which I've never seen before and thought was kinda cool. My olive cotton trench coat and poluyeurathane aviator jacket are both ss12 runway pieces, tag just says Patrik Ervell. Both my hats also just saw Patrik Ervell, the brown suede short brim is supposedly 1 of 25, speckled long brim supposedly 1 of 1.

toasty i liked the red knit (Also fits you well) when I saw it but it's too small for me and I'm not really into the snaps or the cardi shape in general. That blazer was good. There were a few better ones that went early.
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Anyone knows how do the SS12 aviator jacket fit?
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I have it. It fits me very well. I've been getting a lot of compliments on it from people.


I'm about 5'8.5, 140 lbs. Pretty thin but not starvin' marvin if you know what I mean...

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^what size did you get? I'm about the same height and weight, and I got a medium, and it ended up fitting me really well.
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Originally Posted by 89andy View Post

no measurements on official site anymore? =.=

they finally put measurements up on the site
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

^what size did you get? I'm about the same height and weight, and I got a medium, and it ended up fitting me really well.


I purchased a small. I wear my outerwear slightly undersized. It fits perfectly. People keep saying that Ervell doesn't fit their body type. I always had trouble with everything but ervell fitting my body type...

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so just get it tts? is the length short?
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weird, I can't even imagine going a size smaller, my medium fits me great, and I usually wear a small-xs in Ervell.
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