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Well I'm pretty sure when I posted the other day you could have snagged outerwear at a massive discount.

It was 30% off by default plus the code still worked.

Once the web store hits 50% off ill likely try a few other things also.
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Ordered on Th, but still no email confirmation. Typical?
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Looking for a new stonewash denim. The medium stonewash from this winter was perfect for me but missed it.

The one from SS14 seems darker. Is it because of the pics or it is actually darker ?

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And also they advise to size down from the other pants to account for stretching. I would agree with that if the measurements were the same as the other styles (standard jeans, etc..). 

But the measurements for a given size are already smaller. So I don't get it...

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Anyone has the mid century short sleeve silk shirts? How is sizing?

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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Surprised to read that slack tide because the current season are definitely different in their cut/shape.

Last seasons has a lot more room in the thigh and seat which you can see clearly comparing two. This seasons standard jeans are slimmer right through the leg. Look at the railroad stripe jeans for an idea of what last seasons were like. Not nearly as slim as current season standard jeans.

So they may be slightly lighter weight, but they're also a different cut without the 'baggy' thighs.

I did some more reading and it seems as though they retained the ribbon waist. I'll grab the 32's even if they don't stretch. I must have at least 1" too much room in the 34's I have now. Additional space in the waist, rise and highs means I'll probably sell my FW13 jeans for the current 32's.




I really, really want the Ervell jeans from before this season with more room in the seat/thighs in Navy. I'm a true 31. If anyone has these and would like to sell them please let me know.

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Nothing is confirmed about the "new sizing" yet...

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Web store measurements are way off in the standard jean.

Ordered the 30, no way it's an 11.5 inch thigh.

I'm a 31 TTS and probably need the 32.
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As in, it's much slimmer irl than the webstore measurements?

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Yes. Will measure later
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I'd concur and also say they're slimmer than the measurements given. I would not advise sizing down like they say.

I can't speak in comparison to last season though.

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On a size 30:

Web store waist: 16
Actual: 15.5

Web store thigh: 11.5
Actual: 10
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Anyone order the standard jean in 32 and able to post measurements?

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As a reference point, I wear 32 APC PNS and 32 Acne Max Raw which stretch out to 33, my true size. 


I've got the FW13 Standard Jeans in 34 and as I mentioned earlier they are really quite baggy in the thighs, taper from the knee into a slim/straight leg. In the waist i'd say they're about an inch too big for me. 


I just received the SS14 Standard Jeans in 32 and these feel like a size 30 easily. I managed to get them done up, but I could barely fit my ass/hips/junk into them. They were basically painted on.


I think the SS14 Standard Jeans are 1 size smaller than listed but the FW13 Standard Jeans are TTS. I'm getting the SS14 Standard Jeans in 34 now which I imagine will fit well.


Also good to note, the weight of the SS14 jeans is lighter than the FW13 and they will conform a hell of a lot more. I've worn my FW13 quite a lot now (10 times each) and they're still quite stiff. 

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Hey Everyone in the PE Thread,


We have some good news for USA customers - after much work and research we are proud to announce that we now ship all USA orders from Washington state via FedEx. This means all orders are easily traceable through, an indirect signature option is included within the delivery service and best of all you do not have to worry about the possibility of getting charged duties or taxes. No duties or taxes will be incurred on United States shipments – the final price is inclusive of these charges.  To get full shipping details and other answers to FAQ click here. Feel free to send us a direct message or email at if you have any questions.






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