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^you mean the knit polo on the web shop? They're nice. I like the slightly long sleeves. Just a warning, they are kinda dressy, in a way, so they seem to fit better with trousers than jeans (black overdye jeans would probably work). They'd probably be a little warm on a hot day, too, because of the weight of the knit. Just my opinion, of course.

anyone interested in the new lightweight pocket sweater check my sig
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are you talking about the dark navy polo? sleeves seem short...

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This one, right? I just meant the sleeves were long compared to a typical polo, like you'd find at J. Crew or something. The difference is slight, like maybe an inch or so, but I think it's noticeable. I actually prefer it.
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Yeah, that's it and now I see what you mean and agree totally. It's less femanine. I've never been a polo-type of guy. I've found the way that they sometimes  poof out above the ribbing on the arms to be feminine and childish. this one looks pretty darn on-point for me. I'm debating whether or not I can justify the buy...

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Are all Euro-stockists gone?

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Tres Bien shouldn't be. Don't know about any others.
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some large pics of f/w12 for anyone interested
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when are we gonna see more stock showing up at webstores, etc.? always like to scope different product shots before trigger pulling.
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Apparently park & bond has a "coming soon" on their PE page. I don't know if that means several seasons from now or what...


If you're looking for PE at OC webstore, try calling the retail stores. Little hint-hint, nudge-nudge there far'ye.

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OC in NYC has a bunch of stuff in store that isn't up in the web shop. They had button ups, some cotton formal pants, the tie-dye looking shirts, a long-sleeve contrast collar polo, and the lightweight pocket sweater (same one in my sig, but for $100 more...hint hint). They may have had some other stuff too but I can't quite remember what else. Oh, and they did have a leather backpack.
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I scored my tough-guy black suede university cap ate ace hotel.
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If you guys are looking for a minor discount, Patrik Ervell online store is free shipping for all orders within the US and $25 off international shipping right now with code "PESHIPUSA" or "PESHIPINTL" Also, their accessories are finally up.
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Debating whether or not to buy that PVC brim cap. It's pretty killer. I have the black suede already and I don't know if I can justify the buy. That thing kicks butt.

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to contribute to the thread: Ervell Bomber came in
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

new jacket came in. bit tight when worn with a sweater+shirt+tee as it is filled/thick interior padding. super warm by itself with a tee that I am very pleased about. also glad that it is not a deep is described as "soft black". also superb finishing on the exterior. described as black and wax, but doesn't catch any lint! (nice) happy w/ the jacket, the right amount of volume but still maintains a sleek siluoette that PE is known for.
99% keeping so I'll listen to what the 1% have to say
( I do not know why that I keep my hands in my pocket ) lol
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Looks awesome, dude. Seems to fit how a bomber should. If you ever want to sell, keep Death Shart in mind. I really wouldn't mind seeing it zipped/side/back views.

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