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The quilted sweatshirt and hoodie caught my eye, but already sold in most colorways in size small? Dayum, that's sad. Hopefully that is because most of the sizes weren't fully stocked yet.
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

why do i feel like a lot of stockists stopped carrying ervell? just combed through all the stockists I'm familiar with looking for the black quilted sweatshirt and a lot of the usual suspects don't have any new goods.


Reason for this seems to be late shipments from PE to retailers. If you're still looking for the black quilted sweatshirt, M&S is expecting a shipment of them next week and they can probably hold one for you. 

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It's finally happened.
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Anybody know when the first sale usually starts?

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I know some online shops have sales in December, but the 30%-60% sales come in late january-february. I don't know if someone can speak on exact dates for PE. 


Also, I'm thinking about picking up the aviator jacket. Anyone try this on yet? How is the fit?


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Anyone caught the blue fisherman sweater anywhere in Europe?

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Just stopped by Independence in Chicago today. Their Hyde Park location has a few Ervell pieces at 50% off - I saw a blue standard BD in Medium, light gray wool pants in 32, some jeans in 36, and a navy cotton/linen blazer in 40.

Thought someone here might be interested.
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Tried on a pair of the standard pants today in blue fleck:

I'm a 31 - there are no 1/2 sizes, so I tried the 30 and 32: the 30 was a bit too tight in the waist (although I could fasten the top button) and maybe slightly tight in the thigh. The 32 was big everywhere; the rise, in particular, was bad - looked drop crotch.

On Ervell's website, they point out the pant can be tailored up to 2" in the waist/seat. Wondering if I could make a 30 work, have it tailored to let the waist out.

Anyone tried this?
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Well if the 30 was only a bit too tight, and you can see on they garment itself that it could be let out, then why not!
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I'm basing this off Ervell's website; if I believed everything I read on the internet I'd be making $400k while working only 30 hours a week. Not sure how to tell from the pant itself.
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You can usually tell by looking at the construction along the waist/back side and seeing if there's extra fabric to be let out. Most pants/trousers are easy to take in or let out, Ervell pants (not jeans) are in the same boat. It is a pretty easy alteration and standard alteration to do also.
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This can be done and will probably work for you. Just try...

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The pants are actually made for this to be possible. That's why it is recommended on the website. fej is right about the construction, just look at the inside, or have your tailor look at the inside.

The aviator fits slim but not tight. It's a nice slim pattern that is friendly to all body types.
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lWhat do you guys think of the aviator?

Going between that and the collegiate. which should I kop? Should I wait before paying full retail?
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I have an aviator from a few seasons back and it is my favorite jacket. This season looks even better...

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