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I refuse to believe that the size 34 jeans (not the denim) really measure 36.75 inches across the waist as the PE store has claimed for 2 seasons now. Somebody clear this shit up for me please.
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um, most pants are about 2 inches vanity sized... maybe it's something to do with aligned/not waist measurement?
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Originally Posted by inmamy View Post

Damn, that sucks dude. Hope the stuff makes its way back to you...

thanks man. contacted mta but it seems pretty hopeless.
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

how does the pocket sweater run this year? same as FW12?

Fits the same.
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Originally Posted by toothsomesound View Post

there is no navy shawl cardi... maybe she meant the navy knit shirt jacket.

Good call - I only focused on the shawl collar and buttons in Erica's pictures, but the 100% wool tag should've tipped me off! The label says it's F/W '13, so I assume it's exactly the same as the webstore version, just in navy. It's really well made but the M is too big for me (I usually take XS/S). S would've been a perfect amount of slouchiness, I think. On to B&S it goes!

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Kind of bummed that this version of the backpack didn't make it into production (everything is on the webshop now, right?)

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Yeah, emailed about that version of the daypack - it's not being released this season
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Has anybody bought an of this seasons formal pants? The sizes seem different, no 29 just 28 and 30. Interested in the emerald wool and cotton, anyone bought these or the blazer in the same material? 

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Just looked through the entire web store, and there's a lot good stuff this season. A lot of good, subtle fabrics.
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Can't believe the Aran knit only comes in 2 dark colors
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Saw the emerald wool blazer in person at Opening Ceremony. It is beautiful. They didn't have the pants, but I saw matching pants on the webstore.
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what'd you think of the moss field coat? on my wishlist.

toasty, there is a medium heather grey fisherman sweater (just like the grey pocketsweater), check stockists...
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didn't see it. was kind of sad that opening ceremony didn't have a lot of stuff in stock. meant to stop back on monday and have them run some things over, but didn't have time...

does anyone know how the quilted sweatshirts fit? i remember sweatshirts fitting very tight. i'm a small in the knits... but no clue for the sweatshirt.
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Anyone know how the Suede University Baseball Cap fits? Would it be fine on a largeish head or would it look stupid/not fit? Was it made in black?
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I'm in NY next week - anywhere I can try on the Peacoat? Live in the UK and can't justify spending that much on a coat I've not tried on with no returns option.
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