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Yes, I can order from the Brooks Brothers site and have in the past.

I did a little more thinking about what I was truly looking for and came across a photo of someone wearing Thom Browne black scotch (pebble) grain wingtip brogues. I don't want to spend a thousand dollars on a pair so I thought I'd ask if you or anyone for that matter know of any comparable shoes in that specific style?

I know that Tricker's makes Thom's shoes so that would probably be my best bet but I thought I'd ask and see if some other suggestions were thrown in to give me some alternatives.

Tricker's doesn't make Thom Browne anymore, it's Sanders now so pricing is straight ridiculous (4x+ markup). If you really need the grosgrain stripe I think Roden Gray put them on sale

A standard sanders pebble should be about $250-$300 to Canada, not sure about stocklists but you can check their website. Tricker's is a lot nicer shoe though, try shoehealer if you want to order as I think he can ship with Royal Mail so you avoid most duties

Thom Browne also made a brooks brothers black fleece version by Alden before and one by Crockett & Jones (or possiibly Grenson) but markup is a bit too,default,pd.html?dwvar_FZ00049_Color=BLCK&contentpos=21&cgid=1189
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That's what I was thinking (re: markups) when I thought Tricker's were still making them.  Now it is straight up larceny.  Hah.


Thanks so much, stevent!  You've been a great help.


Edit to add: I found a pair of Tricker's Ilkley Scotch/Zug Grain Brogue's in black and brown. They both go for $429 CAD WITH shoe trees. Hah. My kind of deal.

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Spring 14 - horrendous.
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Yeah, i've only glanced through some of the pictures quickly but it made me make that scrunched up / confused face...

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seems like his summer seaons have been bad/mediocre since ss11

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I agree, but I'm confident what hits the store will be as good as ever... There have been a few seasons where a lot of what I see in the show scares me a little, but I end up liking what hits the store.

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Sizing question incoming

I am about to buy the pima cotton pocket sweater from SS11. I am mainly a medium in both Gitman and Uniqlo shirts. I looked at the measurement on the website, but some people say they stretch quite a lot. I am about to get the size large. Would that be to big for me, and should i aim for size medium instead?
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In my opinion, a large would be too big for you. If you're looking for a medium, I have one for sale (see below).
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$14.77 shipping for a fucking sweatshirt from New York to Mass!!! AWESOME!!!!

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Hey they got to get back the money/profits they lose in sales somehow....
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Shirt on ebay. Domestic shipping. $20. THANKS.

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I should have purchased one of his nylon bombers when I had the chance. For some reason now I really, really want one and I'm unable to find it. Anybody have one that they're willing to part with?

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anyone want to proxy for me? i'm only looking for some very specific items...
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