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^ i've got the moleskin in medium / tan if you're interested. super nice jacket.
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lol how much Ervell do you have mate smile.gif
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Does anyone know how this seasons pleated pants fit?
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Just pulled the trigger on the Field Coat in size Small. I'm 5 feet 8 inches with about a 38 inch chest. I fit this season's Pocket Sweaters and Baseball Knits in size small and was wondering if I made the right choice in a size S. I've been reading that this season's outerwear fits small.
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Hmm, I would have thought an M would be a better choice with those body stats, especially if it does fit small.
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Just missed out on this on ebay. Forgot to bid last minute. If any of you gents had won the auction, let me know if it does not work out. Will buy.

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the field coats fit larger than most ervell outerwear
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^ yah think? i'd say the 38" chested man is going to be out of luck with the small. i'm around 36 and wear medium. although the lined A/W version.
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Ahh man. Might just order the medium now and sell the small. I was told by the sales team the pit to pit is an inch larger than the a/w version, but I'd rather get input from someone here instead.
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If both are available, buy both and return the one which does not fit -assuming they accept returns/refunds on the webstore. 

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I'm a 40" chest and the m was fine in the chest just short in the sleeve
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Received my order from Start-London and they've sent me this seasons Khaki


I ordered this;[1].gif


FYI, In person the Khaki is a little darker than on the Ervell site. 

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My field coat fits me fine at XS with a 36 chest. Small should be fine.

That sucks, elisix, but the one you ended up with is not bad either. Gonna keep?
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I'm going to email them and suss it out first.


If the Grey is in fact out of stock (though still advertised on their site), and they offer a further incentive, then ill keep it most likely. 


Though I probably could have gone with an M. As always a little long in the sleeves (an inch max). 


A little unsure of the drawstring hanging down the front and the lighter color and my complexion might not be the best mix. Ill get a picture up. 


Material on the Khaki is awesome I should add.

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Other than the difference in color and visible drawstring between last years and this, what are the differences in material etc?


Sounds as though the grey also has a removable lining unlike the Khaki. 

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