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Sorry just to clarify, if I am a 33/34 generally, but buy 32 in the likes of APC/Acne denim, buying 34 in Ervell is ideal?

There's the formal trousers in 34 on the Ervell site which I've been eyeing off.
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Oh man, Ervell sizing...


At this point, the majority of my wardrobe is Ervell but sizing has been a roller coaster for me.


Speaking of which, I'm about to put the distressed silk club collar shirt with hidden placket up on the market, barely used (1 wear, let me know if you're interested!!!!). It was an XS. I gambled on it, usually being between an XS and S in Ervell. It was just a little small in the chest (I've been "beefing" up). It is pretty much the most beautiful Ervell shirt ever made. I had to switch to a medium for that shirt. The pants have been a mix for me as well.

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I have 1 Ervell item (posted above), and am an L. smile.gif
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Can anyone comment on the pleated pant fit? I'm eyeing the marine tropical pair...
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Read this older review of an Ervell show. The critic said he was "too focused on functionality."


Dude, fuck off.

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how does the static sweater run size wise?
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Regular fit, i shrank mine in the wash so it would fit. Main problem was long sleeves, prewash.
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thanks, now to find a small somewhere. do you have the navy?
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Yes, went with navy/medium. Suffered one small pull during the shrinking process, which sucks...but I was able to fix it pretty easily. The knit is pretty delicate since its 100% pima cotton.
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My experience with ervell pants sizing is that they're about 1" smaller than tagged.
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Anybody own the field coat from this season? Already have a sierra designs mountain parka and a veillance field jacket, might be an impulse buy

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Would be redundant, but I have last seasons field coat and it's NICE.
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^camel moleskin one? That one is super nice. Would have jumped on this one already, but not a fan of the drawstrings.
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I want to thumbs up that, and hate the fact that it was too small for me at the same time. Still desperately want last season's in a small, that gray was so nice
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It was the grey one. I loved the one I had before that too in waxed cotton. I'd say the field coat is a solid piece.
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