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looks great, keeper for sure.
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I've found that Ervell outerwear like that looks better with shorter tops and higher rise pants. So if you have those, I'd give that a shot. Tucked is definitely better as well.
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Originally Posted by Neighbour View Post

Medium in the buttondown shirts should be the right fit for you. One of our guys is about 5' 10", 160lbs and wears a Medium.

fwiw the medium I got from s/s 13 is different enough that it pulls some in the chest when my shoulders are back and probably means that I'm now between sizes.
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The only issue I seem to be having with the varsity I posted above is the size in the body (particularly the armpit/corner of chest). It's not bad, but it could certainly be slimmer. I just noticed this one, NwT on here for sale in M. Mines an L.

Based on the latest suede varsity on the Ervell site, there an inch off the chest, half off the arms and half off the back length. I'm pretty sure the drop in body and arms would be beneficial, but am concerned about the back length losing anything. The L sits just slightly below my belt line as it is with my arms by my side.

Thoughts? Does anyone know if the sizing provided on this years Varsity are the same as last years?
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Keep it. I def wouldn't size down based on your pics.

Everything doesn't have to be a "perfect" fit. Without sounding like a douche, I guess this comes with the #menswear mentality.

It's a baseball jacket. They're not meant to fit super slim and yours really shouldn't be any shorter than it already is. That would make it look too small. I've got a 41 chest and have a similar style jacket with a 23.5 chest measurement and it fits good.
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With that said, make sure you're ok with the fit. I've tried convincing myself things fit before when they felt off in certain aspects and it never works out. If you don't like how it fits, return it. You've finally done something right, but if you can't own the piece mentally, then it won't look good on you because you won't be comfortable and that shows through a lot more in real life than pictures on the internet.
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Thanks again.


I forgot to mention that I had already decided to keep the jacket on Friday, however I noticed the M today which got me thinking about 'tightening' up the fit a little. As mentioned however, any shorter and it will likely be too short perhaps. I tend to not wear particularly high waisted trousers/denim which might make the shorter M more of an issue.


I did recently buy 2 pairs of Lanvin chinos which sit much higher than my denim / other chinos, so once I get them taken up a little, I think they will work nicely with this jacket. The Lanvin chinos are more tailored than my other chinos which I wear a lot. This are the Lanvin chinos below.


photo MELVTS780010TAN_4_zoom_zps482ad63f.jpgphoto MELVTS780011KHA_4_zoom_zps19d1132a.jpg

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Sailboat shirt was just too big frown.gif

If anyone want it (size M) before I put it on B&S send me a PM

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this is really arbitrary, but does anyone know if ervell is gay/straight/[other]? have passively wondered for a while
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any confirmation or are you going on intuition?
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Yeah can you "confirm"?
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I heard he makes clothes that I really enjoy haha. That was certainly random.
Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

Fit looks fine. Don't wear it with a collared shirt though. That style of jacket looks better with a tee.

Although it would look good this way as well, disagree that it does not look good with collared shirt.
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